Full Ruso Package


El Ruso uses a combination of Resistance Bands, and Bodyweight to keep you strong and capable, regardless of your schedule

The Full Ruso Package includes:
*Resistance Bands
*AGRO Rope
*El Ruso Training Program

**When you get The DRAGO Bag, and AGRO Rope, you get El Ruso for Free. You save ~$50!!**


In stock


In stock



The foundation of El Ruso is built with a push, pull, squat, hinge and rotate scheme. These are the classic building blocks of many Soviet Era athletes. Banded accessories are added to stave off injuries that can result from muscular imbalances.|

El Ruso was designed to be a simple and approachable way to build and maintain a high level of physical prowess without having to learn a bunch of complicated exercises or the need for a bunch of fancy equipment; all while staying injury free.

Further to that, El Ruso is completely scalable; you are able to begin with whatever level you are at, and start working towards where you want to be.

The Agro-Rope is easily combined with any training session to increase training density, and add conditioning anytime, anywhere.


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