TSUNAMI METHOD: Learn to Throw Bo-Shuriken v.1

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The TSUNAMI METHOD will teach you the keys to developing Effortlessly Efficient and Powerful Bo-Shuriken Throws.

In this step by step guide, Ace (The Nomadic Nerd For Hire) takes you through a systematic approach for developing seemingly supernatural ability to throw Bo-Shuriken.

Your Bo-Shuriken will appear to shoot out of your hand, flying Arrow straight, and will easily stick into Wood (even Plywood); to bystanders, it will seem other worldly.

In this 57min video: Ace demystifies, and breaks downs in simple terms everything required to make this work:

*Different Types of Bo-Shuriken
*Which ones are easiest to throw
*Which Bo-Shuriken are best for beginners
*Throwing Knives vs. Bo-Shuriken
*TSUNAMI METHOD vs. Other throwing types
*Throwing Mechanics (everything you need to Know)
*Development Drills
*Power Generation
*Troubleshooting Your Throws

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8 reviews for TSUNAMI METHOD: Learn to Throw Bo-Shuriken v.1

  1. @a.few.good.knives

    Let me begin by stating, Ace is a wonderful teacher, and if knife throwing is something you really aim to improve in…

    The power of his expertly crafted educational programs isn’t something you should wait to engage.
    GO BUY A COURSE 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥


    This is exactly what the doctor ordered, if you’re seriously interested in Bo Shuriken, you’ll seriously reap the benefits of this course.

    I’ve searched for so long to find the best educational material focused on Bo Shuriken (I mean ‘the best’ for me, something that would be easy for Me Personally to absorb and grow with) and I’ve always felt that my results had come up unsatisfactory.

    I taught myself to throw Bo Shuriken, to stick them into the target anyways, but of course there is INFINITELY more to explore and learn than simply getting the steel to the target pointy end first.

    For me, personally, I found Vol 1 of the Tsunami Method to be invaluable.

    If the price of this course was 10x more it would still be in my wishlist and high on my priorities.

  2. Mattais Bind

    There are as many ways to throw Bo-Shuriken as there were roads to Rome.

    Ace has a pragmatic (Non-Traditional) way he addresses ShurikenJutsu as a skill, more than an Art. He makes the topic of ShurikenJutsu very approachable, and doesn’t weigh you down with a bunch of history, or Japanese words. The focus is on teaching you the skill.

    The TSUMANI Method offers very good results in dealing with Bo-Shuriken within a very short time.

  3. Ace Johnson

    I found most Videos on how to throw Shuriken were focused too much on wearing Ninja or Samurai clothes, Bowing, using Japanese Sounding words, etc.

    My goal was to cut all that way, focusing on how to do the thing (Skill), and get you throwing.

  4. Walden Cox (verified owner)

    Excellent course!!!!!
    Being a mostly self taught thrower I found this extremely helpful to dial in a few final things in my throw.

  5. Rachel Corbett (verified owner)

    Fantastic training, especially if you’re a total newbie to all this like I am.
    It’s very concise, easy to understand and quickly have success. Looking forward to more of these. Ace is a great teacher.

  6. Big Mitch aka White Tone Loc

    The tsunami method volume 1 is an excellent explanation of different types of bo shuriken and it goes into an easy to understand explanation oh how to grip and throw shuriken.

    If you watch this video in just a little bit you can be throwing shurikens with ease and accuracy; whether you are a knife thrower or have never thrown anything this program will start you on the path.

    I highly recommend this to everyone.

  7. Allen Rogerson (verified owner)

    This course will get you throwing in a more or less modified traditional style, And without the traditional salutes, bows, learning Japanese language, etc., Exactly what beginners need.

  8. timrowlandson (verified owner)

    Great video for all skill levels. Ace has experience in many styles of throwing and shares his knowledge through clear and easy to follow explanations. As someone who has trained only through the Japanese system this video really opened up my eyes. Highly recommended.

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