Tsunami Method: Learn To Throw Bo-Shuriken vol. 2

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In volume two of the Tsunami Method Ace Shows Some Sidearm Shuriken Sexiness.

In this step by step guide, Ace (The SquareHeaded Scientist) takes you through a systematic approach for developing this incredible powerful throw with Bo-Shuriken.

Your Bo-Shuriken will seem to shoot out of your hand like a Bullet, and will easily stick into Wood (even Plywood); to bystanders, it will seem like Supernatural.

In this 59min video: Ace demystifies, and breaks downs into  simple terms everything required to make this work:

*Different Types of Bo-Shuriken
*Which ones are easiest to throw
*Which Bo-Shuriken are best to learn this throw with
*Throwing Knives vs. Bo-Shuriken
*TSUNAMI METHOD vs. Other throwing types
*Throwing Mechanics (Two Variations are shown)
*Development Drills
*Power Generation
*Troubleshooting Your Throws

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3 reviews for Tsunami Method: Learn To Throw Bo-Shuriken vol. 2

  1. Mattais Bind

    With this course you will be able to throw forehand/sideways constantly within just a few hours of training.

    Ace broke it down into little pieces and explains them very detailed. Please enjoy like I did

  2. @a.few.good.knives

    Ace is a great teacher.
    His easy to grasp analogies, along with well structured breakdowns & drills will guide you to great success and consistency while deepening your understanding of the well refined mechanics that make it all worthwhile.
    Level up your shuriken game with the Tsunami Method!

  3. Penny aka Über Oma

    I am a beginner at knife throwing. I have learned many techniques from Ace; the advice gives, and the way he teaches, is so valuable.

    I recommend, this Vol. 2, it will certainly help me appreciate the art of throwing.

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