Tsunami Method: Learn To Throw Bo-Shuriken vol. 3

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In volume three of the Tsunami Method Ace Shows a throw that is Underhanded and Devious.

In this step by step guide, Ace (The Stepchild of the Internet) takes you through a systematic approach for developing a Bo-Shuriken throw that is as deceptive as it is Powerful.

Your Bo-Shuriken will seem to shoot out of your hand like magic, and will easily stick into Wood (even Plywood); to bystanders, you will seem like wizard.

In this ~43min video: Ace demystifies, and breaks downs into  simple terms everything required to make this work:

*Different Types of Bo-Shuriken
*Which ones are easiest to throw, and some tricks to throwing the light ones
*Which Bo-Shuriken are best to learn this throw with
*Throwing Knives vs. Bo-Shuriken
*TSUNAMI METHOD vs. Other throwing types
*Throwing Mechanics (Two Variations are shown)
*Development Drills
*Power Generation
*Troubleshooting Your Throws

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2 reviews for Tsunami Method: Learn To Throw Bo-Shuriken vol. 3

  1. Matt Bind

    Ace disenchants the underhand/gunslinger and declares all
    Facets understandable for everyone.

    As always, Ace breaks down the parts into their elements and explains them in great detail. Ace leaves no questions unanswered about underhand.  Have fun 

  2. philelmore

    Tactical lifestyle company Delta2Alpha has produced a considerable amount of knife throwing instruction (and throwing knives themselves) in the last year or two. Among the instructional videos (access to which can be purchased through the Delta2Alpha website) now available are their Gunslinger Method and Tsunami Method videos. As of this writing, I have viewed the Gunslinger training and three volumes of the Tsunami training.

    These are informal videos filmed in Delta2Alpha instructor Ace’s home — specifically, in the room he has dedicated to throwing knives. (I know a certain amount of jealousy; having my own “knife throwing room” certainly sounds like something appealing now that I’ve seen one.) Much more importantly, though, Ace is a calm, steady presence, an engaging instructor who is clear in his language and who does not beat around the bush.

    There are two approaches to teaching in a short-format seminar or class. One is immersion, in which you throw a BUNCH of stuff at the student. The student is typically overwhelmed and maybe picks up some percentage of the material along the way, in kind of a catch-as-catch-can fashion. I would characterize, say, a typical Dan Inosanto seminar as taking that approach (and I don’t prefer it, having experienced it for myself).

    Ace, by contrast, takes the other approach. He builds methodically, from start to finish, from simple to more complicated iterations, clearly explaining what he’s doing and why. The various volumes of Delta2Alpha’s instruction do the same at the macro level.

    The Gunslinger method, for example, is all about underhand, no-spin throwing. Ace explains the knives best suited for this type of throw and then repeatedly demonstrates how to do it, step by step. The repetitions and drills help the viewer to “get” what’s happening and, most importantly, you can see the full scope of what Ace is doing: grip, stance, body mechanics, the knife traveling to the target, etc. All the action happens in one room and the camera is catching it all simultaneously, which is an excellent approach. In multiple drills, Ace works toward his goal, explains advantages and disadvantages, and gives credit where credit is due.

    The Tsunami Method, by contrast, is all about bo shuriken, or throwing spikes. Ace explains these (and has an impressive collection of them). If you can throw a bo shuriken, you can throw a nail (and vice versa). How is throwing a bo shuriken different than a knife? Ace explains that the difference comes down primarily to weight. You can do things with lighter bo shuriken that you can’t with a knife (including using increased arm movements to guide the shuriken where you want it). If you try to use the same method you use with knives with bo shuriken, you run the risk of causing them to fishtail because you’re throwing with too much power.

    Volume 2 of the Tsunami Method is much the same, but now the topic is a detailed exploration of side-arm throw variations with bo shuriken. Volume 3 brings us full circle and teaches us to use the Gunslinger method with bo shuriken (in other words, an underhand throw).

    These are clear, easy to understand videos that offer excellent instruction. Knife throwing is one of those things (like knife sharpening, honestly) that some of us can do well… and some of us always seem to find more art than science (and thus, we can’t do them all that well). If you’re keen to learn knife throwing you will do well with these, and if bo shuriken interest you, you absolutely want to watch the Tsunami volumes).

    All in all, this was a fun and informative way to spend the time it took to watch these videos. Highly recommended.

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