The Delta2Alpha Design team follows a very simple philosophy:

What has worked in the past?

After all, few problems are new and many have been solved by those who have come before us. We will build on those lessons learned.

How can we update tools with modern materials?

If required, we now have more options with laminates, composites, polymers and other alloys.

What small changes can be made to improve a tool?

It is surprising what a change in material or a slight change in geometry can have on the performance of a tool.

When we look at designing or upgrading a product or tool, we ask, can it be improved?

Or should it be re-designed from the ground up? Sometimes when a well meaning designer or engineer tries to change a design to “improve it,” it has the opposite effect. ie) Space-Age alloys made sound sexy until you have to sharpen them. Plastics offer great corrosion resistance but may not feel right in your hand or could have poor abrasion resistance. We call this cycle “The Curse of the Rounder Wheel”.

Most importantly, what does the man on the ground have to say about the tool or design?

If it doesn’t do what the person in the field expects it to, what is the point of carrying it? We must be responsive and listen to the feedback from the end user, and update as necessary.