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When Ace Johnson travels, he travels light.

You should as well…

It doesn’t matter if it’s three days, three weeks, or three months, Ace just carries one bag.

.and that’s all you should carry as well, and you can, if you start here, with good underwear.

According to Ace your underwear must have these three features when traveling light:

Comfort, ease of launderability and durability.

To make the job of finding these characteristics easier in underwear for you, Ace Johnson literally put his name and “ace” on the line and developed his signature line of underwear:

Your Sweet Ace”

First order is comfort.

We have all experienced sitting on a long plane or bus ride, or driving all day; uncomfortable burning and chafing. When combined with sweat it can and will wear you raw.

In severe cases it can lead to the dreaded jungle crotch!

To prevent such discomfort an extra smooth, low profile waistband, and a silky, smooth blend of polyester and spandex fabric was specifically chosen for anti chafe properties.

Cut in the traditional fitted trunk style, Ace borrowed a trick from Goldilocks when designing the inseam length to prevent irritating inner thigh rub:

Not too short, not too long. Just right!

While on the subject of just right, Ace specified the fitted trunk style to provide just the right amount of support in the Rock Sock, as well as to supply the “no extra cost” benefit of added versatility…

The Sweet Ace Trunks can double as impromptu “Ranger Panties” or swim trunks.

Launderability = moisture management.

You might be living out of a bag while backpacking Europe or in the back woods, or maybe you are working in the jungles of Guyana, or perhaps you are stuck living out of your car and hotels for a bit; the ability to quickly hand wash your clothes in the sink, and have them easily hang dry becomes very important. The blend of silky, smooth, polyester and spandex, ensures your Sweet Ace Trunks will quickly hang dry, even in the most humid climates.

Quick dry also means these “Travel Trunks” get less funky.

“Available in any color you want… As long as it’s black”

-H. Ford

{should you miss some laundry time)

And of a matter of course Ace Johnson has built in his legendary durability.

Keep your Jewels high, dry, comfy and safe…

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