Your Sweet Ace Trunks

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Great Underwear is:

  • Light and breathable
  • Keeps You Feeling Cool and Dry
  • Easily washed and Quick to Dry
  • Silky Smooth

The Sweet Ace Trunks are Perfect whether you are:

  • In the Back Country
  • In the Office
  • On the Run

“You can get them in any color you want… As long as it’s Black”.
–Henry Ford

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Weight .150 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 4 cm

Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small, XXL

15 reviews for Your Sweet Ace Trunks

  1. drhove

    The Sweet Ace Trunks deliver on their promise for comfort, durability and ease of care.

  2. Whiskey Delta Gulf (verified owner)

    I am loving these trunks. Comfy & easy to clean on the road or in the bush

    I think I will be disposing of all my other underwear in favour of these!

  3. Ace Johnson

    I couldn’t find Underwear that fit the bill, so I had these made to my Spec.

    *Quick Dry Lets Them Quickly Hang Dry
    *Quick Dry Keep Me Feeling Fresh
    *AntiChafe keeps Me Comfy When Seated
    *Affordable for Everyone

    They far exceeded my expectations

  4. Whiskey Delta Guse

    ‘Your Sweet Ace Trunks’ are comfortable AF!
    Easy to wash while travelling or in the bush. Wore them on my recent hunting trips & was thoroughly impressed.
    I will be replacing all my underwear with these!!

    ***Client Purchased Another 10 Pairs***

  5. jayberry.miller (verified owner)

    When I got these in, I was a little cautious. I had invested money before in “good” boxer briefs before, only to be disappointed, and had settled for a lifetime of mediocre cotton briefs from Walmart.

    Then I got these in. WOW… Long enough to protect against chafing. Short enough that it isn’t hot or riding up my leg. Enough support for action, but enough room for testicular health and comfort. Less smell after 3 days of continuous wear (for testing purposes) while camping, than after 1 day of my old underwear, sitting all day at my day job.

    Silky smooth and classy enough to feel confident wearing nothing but them.

    A+ rating in my book. Get ya some.

  6. Static (verified owner)

    These are next level. Comfortable, quick-drying, and breathable. Will definitely be getting more of these.

  7. Bret Campel

    The first day I wore these underwear, I shot about 200 rounds of .556 and put a missile into a fucking building.

    Yes, some of us work our dream jobs.

    And yes, these underwear encased my massive boner. They cradle it. My Tinder, Bumble and Hinge dates should learn a thing or two about handling cock and balls from these underwear.

    They’re literally the only underwear that beat out ranger panties. Black with a sweet spank of red on the left thigh screams manly. Girls will want to take you out of your pants just to admire you in these bad boys.

    Stop being a pussy and buy a pair or five.

  8. Brian Topping

    Absolutely the best underwear I have ever owned. Only problem is now I have to replace all the second rate junk I have in my drawer. You will not be disappointed just don’t make the mistake of only getting one pair

  9. Tanner Grosz (verified owner)

    Trunks so good I bought 3 more pairs.

    They deliver in every aspect of performance.
    – quick dry
    – comfy
    – no chafe
    – sex appeal (obviously the most important)

    If you’re looking for the last underwear you’ll ever want to buy, pick some up. You won’t be disappointed.

  10. Keith Cole (verified owner)

    Let’s talk underwear.

    I’ve had these for a year now. I’ve worn them to a few physical events. They are the most comfortable pair of underwear I have ever had.

    They do not constrict like any other pair I’ve ever worn.

    As part of a daily ritual I wash them and the socks daily which takes less than 5 minutes and always makes me feel better.

    To anyone who has never put any thought in your underwear, now is the time.

  11. Whiskey Delta Gulf (verified owner)

    An update to my earlier review: wore these underwear for nine days…same the backcountry. Aired them out regularly and washed twice in my ablutions water. Comfy and wicking throughout.

    Racked up quite a bit of elevation during our hunt and I felt very comfortable throughout

  12. chris.heenan (verified owner)

    Originally i was very hesitant to try these out due to their lack of fly, normally that would be a requirement for me as it makes taking a leak a lot easier when carrying AIWB. Finally decided what the heck, i’ll try and pair out and i’ll be damned if they are not the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn, the elastic around the band is also just the right tension to make it easy to pull down when needed without having to loosen your belt or adjust your holster.
    I am gradually getting rid of all my old underwear and replacing them with these.

  13. Kristopher Booker

    Extremely comfortable undies much better than those GI joe underroos I used to wear as a tyke. No sweating my ass off here with this to comfort me during the day. Working in a factory during the hot summer, these help out keeping the boys cool and keeping the sweat away.

    Thanks Ace!

  14. Alex Balogun

    Comfortable, breathable, non-restrictive. Its the simple things these get right. Will be getting more!

  15. Harold Lowrie (verified owner)

    These are Excellent!!

    Ever since I upgraded to high quality socks I’ve been trying to do the same with my underwear.

    They’ve all been this price or more and they’ve all been similarly not great. These are different.

    Going with no fly makes the support work correctly. The materials used are of an appropriate thickness for the job so they hold their form and don’t roll and bunch. They don’t come up too far or go down your leg too far.

    You can wear them as camp shorts or swim trunks and nothing falls out. Its a foolish thing to go on about but it took this long to find it done right.

    Seems consistent with Aces stuff in general.

    *I’m 6’1 and 180lbs, mediums have fit me right*

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