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Socks are one of the most difficult problem to solve while traveling; especially when you travel with just one bag.

Most socks are Bulky, Quickly Get Funky, Slow to Dry, Leading to Blisters and HotSpots… They are Unacceptable.

Our Tropica Quick Dry Socks were designed with the traveler and those that are on the move in mind:


*Made from a unique blend of Bamboo derived Rayon and Spandex

*Conforms to all but the oddest shaped feet, and prevents Bunching

*Lightweight and Minimalist Makes carry a few extra pair much easier

*Quick Dry keeping your feet less funky, and will Easily Hang Dry after a quick hand wash

*Reasonably price so the they can be enjoyed by the Everyone

*For Work, Dress or Play

“Available in any color you want… As long as it’s black”
-H. Ford


If you are going to spend your day in Boots, use the Tropica Quick Dry Socks as next to skin, an a pair of wool socks over top. This reduces Blisters, and Hotspots while allowing you to get a few extra days out of the thicker wool socks

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