HoodRat SnapWrap


HoodRat SnapWrap let’s you put a Textured Rubber Handle on almost anything. Easily Update, Upgrade, or Repair handles your current items, or your found items.

Rubber Handles are ideal for almost everything:

*High Friction Coefficient
*Doesn’t Wear out gear
*Water proof.

The HoodRat SnapWrap:

*Quick and Easy to Apply; even for the Novice User
*Doesn’t Require Drying time
*Self-Adhering (No Messy Glues or Resins required)
*Works well a Variety of Wrapping Styles

*Sold by the meter; Multiple meter sent as one long piece to maximize usages*

Discount per Quantity

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Additional information

Weight 0.021 kg
Dimensions 13 × 3 × 2 cm

1m / 3.28ft, 5m / 16.4ft, 10m / 32.8ft


Black, Olive Green, Coyote Brown, Stone Gray


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