Lo-Key Shave n’ Soap


You can be Transient without feeling like a Transient.

We wanted a Versatile Soap that would:

*Give a Good Lather for Shaving
*Works for Face, Hands, Body, and for Short Hair
*Resists Odor
*Anti-Bacterial to Reduce likelihood of Skin Infections (including Acne)
*Have a pleasant soothing smell that appeals to everyone
*Travel Friendly

*Proudly Made in a Small Batch Facility in North America*

Discount per Quantity

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When you are traveling light (like we do): you don’t have the room for can of shaving cream, and a bottle of body-wash. On top of that Airlines aren’t a fan of Liquids and Aerosols; plus it really sucks when they burst or leak in you bag.

Plus, when you are on long layover or trek, being able to have a quick Shave and Wash does wonders to restore your feeling of Vigor and Vitality.

Our Lo-Key Shave n’ Soap uses a Mix of Charcoal, Clove oil, and Black Pepper Oil to remove excess dirty and oil, as well as a disinfectant

We have sent matched these to our Samurai CLP

One of the most common injuries for athletes is… Skin Infections.

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Nero (Glycerin Base), Morado (Olive Oil Base)


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