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One would be hard pressed to discuss Japan at any length without an honorable mentioning of Samurai, Bushido, and/or The Katana.

Tales of the near Superhuman Skills of this Iconic Warrior Class have given birth to much Legend and Lore over the years.

One of the little know commonalities surrounding these Legendary Knights of the Land of the Rising Sun was a smell. Almost every single one of them, regardless of clan, cleansed their blades with something called “Choji Oil”.

Choji Oil was used to Clean, Lubricate, and Protect (CLP) their Artisan Blades. It also had a Distinct, Robust, and Spicy yet Pleasant Smell to it that was said to ward of evil spirits.

Earn up to 8 Points.

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Though the Recipes varied a bit from Clan to Clan, and Prefecture to Prefecture; One single ingredient was always present, Clove Oil.

Clove Oil has a variety of uses including:

Ingrown hairs
Calming Scent
Oiling a Blade
Cleansing Evil Spirits

The Formula we developed is blend of Cloves, Lavender, and Pepper (CLP) with two variations:

For the well season player that is Robust and Ready, we present the “Clove n’ Pepper”.

For the those that are Cool, Calm, & Calculated, we have the Smooth and Spicy, “Vanilla Cream

Made available in a Convenient 10ml size makes it Ideal for Travel and convenient to carry with you. Packaged in Amber Glass to increase shelf life.

The Roll-On Applicator features a Stainless-Steel Rolling Ball, and not cheap feeling plastic. The Roll-On Applicator ensures that every drop is used, and stays on target.

*Our Alcohol Free formula is Subtle, and more friendly to the Scent Sensitive*

*Proudly Made in a Small Batch Facility in North America*

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Robust and Ready, Smooth and Spicy


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