DRAGO v1: Move, Hit, Try Not To Get Hit



The first time I met DRAGO I was a only Lad.

I Jabbed at him for a bit, then once my confidence was up I throw a hard right cross down the pipe. For my efforts he countered by throwing back just as hard; snapped my head back, bloodied my nose, and made me see Stars.

He has Proven to be one the most unrelenting  training partners I have had. He is always ready, always throws the last shot, never gets tired, and will expertly match my intensity, every time.

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Move, Hit, Try Not to Get Hit

…Throw the punch where you can hit him, but he can’t hit you. That’s what the Science of Boxing is all about…
–Constantine “Cus” D’Amato

In the first installment of DRAGO we will lay out the foundations for using a double ended bag, and developing an understanding of the “Sweet Science”.

We searched for the best piece of solo-training equipment; when we came across the Double Ended Bag, we fell in love. The problem with the double ended bag was: no one had a systematic way of teaching someone how to use it; until now.

In DRAGO v1, through a Systematic Approach we will show you the basics of how to:

*Use the Jab, Cross, Over, and Up
*Work From The Outside
*Develop Head Movement to avoid being hit
*Bridging the Gap”
*Set up counters and Traps
*Use Angles to create distance

This will lay the ground work for other home study programs as well as augmenting your current training.

In addition the DRAGO program and DRAGO Bag is well suited for people with Parkinson’s Disease, for more information:



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