Full DRAGO Package


The Full DRAGO will improve:

*Hand Speed
*Visual Acuity

These improvements will carry over into a variety of sports including Racquet Sports, Ball Sports, Shooting Sports, etc.

**When you get The DRAGO Bag, and AGRO Rope, you get DRAGO v1 for Free. You save ~$50!!**

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*AGRO Rope

DRAGO v1 and The DRAGO Bag will lay out a systematic way to improve you striking. The DRAGO Bag is a 7” double ended bag we had built to our spec. The size allows is especially suited for working on Slips, Body English, Counters, and at the more advanced levels; timing your crooked punches.

The AGRO Rope is the most versatile conditioning tool we have used to date. Anything from a Slow Burn to a Full Body Hill Sprint, Anytime, Anywhere



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