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Develop Reactions, Rhythm, and Resolve.

We searched high and low to find the most versatile piece of equipment for solo training; It needed to be:

*Easy to Set up Anywhere
*Easy to Take Anywhere
*Force Defensive Reaction
*Develop Hand Speed and Timing
*Build Flow and Allow The Player to Improvise

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The DRAGO Bag is a 7” double ended bag we had built to our spec.

The size allows is especially suited for working on Slips, Body English, Counters, and at the more advanced levels; timing your crooked punches

The DRAGO program and DRAGO Bag is well suited for people with Parkinson’s Disease, for more information:


What if I am not a Fighter; how can I benefit from the DRAGO Bag?

Using the DRAGO bag will improve:

Hand Speed
Visual Acuity

These improvements will have carry over into a variety of sports including Racquet Sports, Ball Sports, Shooting Sports, etc

Kit Includes:

  • Primer with drills to get you started
  • Height Adjustable Hardware
  • 15ft of ShockCord
  • 10ft of 550 paracord



How is the DRAGO Bag different than the Agg Bag?
The Drago Bag is a 7″ round ball, and is well suited for Slips, Body English, Counters, etc.

The AggBag is 11″ tall x 9″ Diameter, and is well suited for working crooked punches (Short Ups, Looping Overs, Hooks)

Do I need the DRAGO Bag to do the DRAGO Program?
The DRAGO program was designed around the DRAGO Bag, but you can use any double ended bag you wish, but it may require some adaptation

Additional information

Weight .550 kg
Dimensions 27 × 12 × 6 cm

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  1. Jeff Larocque (verified owner)

    High quality double ended bag, just as advertised. I got excellent customer service from the fine people at Delta2Alpha – will definitely happily continue to support this Canadian company.

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