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52 Blocks is fighting method born of the Gladiators Pits in the NY Correctional Facilities. More Specifically the methods were carried by certain player from the “Five Burrows”.  Built off of a Boxing base, but employing a variety of elbow covers, blocks, flash, and unorthodox tricks to shutdown a boxers game.

In the Spirit of JKD: 52 VTK combines a 52 base, with Ving Tsun, Kali, and a few tricks picked up along the way.

Shadow and Ace Team up to deliver glove that would meet the bill for Training, and Sparing:

*Protect the Hand more Realistic speeds during the blocks
*Protect the thumb for weapons sparing
*Sleek enough to allow for trapping, grabbing, and grappling
*Reps The “52”, and looks fly doin’ it

*Black with Red Trim
*Extra long Wrist Strap
*Looks NICE

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