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Lohan refers to those followers of Buddha that have reached enlightenment, but are yet to attain the Higher State of Nirvana.

Lohan Also Refers to the oldest representative style of Shaolin Kung Fu; The Roots of the Lohan Style Dates Back to the Earliest Era of the Shaolin Temple.

Within in many northern style (most being associated with Shaolin) we see big long Sweeping moments with the arms. In Western Terms we would Describe these a Windmill Style strikes, Sweeping Backfists and Clothesline Strikes (with forearm).

One of the biggest issues we found on our Kung Fu Journey was finding a piece of equipment that would allow us to safely, effectively and properly train these types of  strikes combinations with Full Expression. This search is what eventually lead to the Development of The Lohan Limb Bag.

What makes the Lohan Limb Bag Different is that allows the player to sweep all the way through the bag (fully expressing their art/technique) while receiving the proper feedback required to train these Devastating strikes.

The Lohan Limb Bag doesn’t swing as much as it flops. This means that is more or less stays in the same position, making training combinations much much easier.

The Lohan Limb Bag is also great for solo practice with Trapping, Bridging, and Clearing Limbs, providing feedback in a more subtle was than a traditional wooden dummy. Similar Jong type experience can be created by playing the Limb Bag 12-18″ in from the the Hakka Head Bag or Triad Body Bag.


  • ~6ft x ~3¼” dia / ~2m x ~8cm dia
  • 14oz Black Canvas Inner
  • Weapons Grade Black Satin Outer
  • Reinforced Seams
  • Triple Stitched w/Red Nylon Thread
  • Tool-Less Closure

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