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When talking to my Sifu (coach) one day the topic of Lineage and who his teachers were, and who came before him came up; his Response was:

“Listen Kid, I would love to be able to tell you stories about these Monks, Abbots & Sages. The Guys that taught me, and the guys that taught them wer Drug Dealers, Thugs And Killers; They were all mobbed up; They were Triads”

My Sifu Explained that we come from a long line of Guys that weren’t much for dancin’ but wait the Fu.. ighting begins. If you expect to be able to use this stuff the way that they did; they only way is to actually hit something a lot. You need to learn to hit, that way the thing you hit breaks, and not you. It is In honor of this Lineage That The Triad Body Bag Was Born.

The Triad Body Bag is Taller than an average man and as thick as his thigh; It takes approximately a 55lbs (25kg) Bag of Beans to fill. This is the common size of the large bags  You’ll find in China town.

The Shape of the Bag, combined with Media (Dry Rice, Beans, Pea Gravel) allows for a feel similar to that of a hitting a body. When struck powerfully the bag is able to fold a bit and the medium is able to suck up most of the shock; this has two advantages:

  • Significantly Less Noise, which makes it much better for Training on the sly in an apartment or condo
  • The Bag has much less swing, and tends to stay in place more. This is much better for Training combinations (Punches In Bunches)

The Satin on the outside of the bag let’s you work Bare-Knuckle on the bag for much longer without tearing up your hands. This allows the skin and bones to toughen up together.

The Triad Body Bag is a great option for a variety of Conditioning including 3 Star and 4 Corner Blocking Drills for conditioning forearms. 

Great For Conditioning Your Shins.

Great For Clinch Work

The Black Satin and Red Stitching makes the Triad Body Bag a high functional as well and prestigious looking piece of Training equipment.


  • ~6ft x ~6″ dia / ~2m x ~15cm dia
  • 14oz Black Canvas Inner
  • Weapons Grade Black Satin Outer
  • Reinforced Seams
  • Triple Stitched w/Red Nylon Thread
  • Tool-Less Closure

Please Note: Bags are Shipped Empty

Here Is Is How To Fill Your Bag

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  1. Guillaume Laflamme (verified owner)

    A great buy!! Im used to work with big (90kg) martial art punching bag. I have fill up my triad body bag with sand (more or less 40kg). I can train with almost no sound, no vibration. The bag with sand is really compact, more at the bottom with all the sand pressured. Pretty cool to start hardening other part of my body that wasn’t use to contact. The bag is close enough to the floor my 6 years old son can play ninja to.

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