DogBone Portable Gym Kit


Simply Put, The Dog Bone Kit is a Gym in a Bag; Perfect for Minimalists, Travelers, and Homework Out Enthusiasts.

It is as:

*A Suspension Trainer to hit all of your Stablizers
*Push Up handles to increase range of Motion, and add Bands to build a strong chest
*Mini Parallelettes for Core Work
*KB Substitute for Get-Ups, Goblet Squats, Over Head Press, etc

In addition the TheDogBone Kit will give you a Comparable Feeling to using Dumb-Bells and a Cable Machine when using resistance bands.

The Hyper-Versitility Makes TheDogBone is well suited for the Beginner Body-weight Enthusiast, Season Gym Bro, or Those in the Functional Strength Family.


*MilSpec ParaCord
*Industrial Grade Tubular Webbing
*Climbing Rated Carabineer
*Two Door Anchor Doughnuts (Attachment Points)
*Draw Sting Bag Sized to Hold you kit, Resistance Bands, and AGRO Rope
*Instructional and Demo Videos
*Some Assembly Required

Please Note:
*Resistance Bands Aren’t included with TheDogBone Kit, but we have them available for you here:
Resistance Bands Package


*TheDogBone Kit, Paired with Resistance Bands and The AGRO Rope will provide you with the opportunity to well rounded, and functional Physique. Get them all in your same order, and we will throw in our The Hollywood Protocol for free*

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