The Hollywood Protocol

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“The Road Map to Looking Like an Air-Brushed Super Hero or a Hollywood Action Star.”

Developed for those that want the benefits of Functional Training and The Look from going to the gym, but with the flexibility for a travel, and a busy life.

The Hollywood Protocol will Build a Solid Foundation of:

Raw Strength & Power
VO2 Max
Aesthetics (because yes it matters)

In addition it also contains and extensive “Filling In The Gaps” protocol that will address the “Hitch in Your Giddy-Up”; Reducing chances for injury, and increasing performance.


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The Hollywood Protocol can be run using traditional weighted exercises (BarBells, DumBells, Cables,) or their Banded Equivalents (Home/Travel), or in combination. This offers a level of Versatility and Flexibility that is rarely seen.

If you are a “Lone Wolf” type (misanthrope), you may prefer to avoid the community aspects of going to the gym (Especially Now), put your head phones in, keep your mouth shut and train.

The Hollywood Protocol built is around the Major Patterns of Human Movement: Push, Pull, Squat, Hinge, Rotated, and Bracing.

The rep range changes each week to force the body to constantly adjust to different loading, as well as to build big strength and muscular endurance at the same time.

Using a combination of Open and Closed Chain exercises that are easy to learn, and easy to scale; making The Hollywood Protocol adaptable, and accessible to every level of fitness.

The Hollywood Protocol uses:

Resistance Bands
TheDogBone Kit

*If you get All Three, and THP is Free*

*If you already have some of these item, reach out to Ace via Instagram, so he can set you up with a package deal*



7 reviews for The Hollywood Protocol

  1. Dr. Trevor H

    “The Hollywood Protocol delivers what it says it does… comprehensive fitness that can be implemented while travelling or in a typical gym setting.

    It address the components of strength, muscular endurance, core stability and aero/anaerobic capacity when applied consistently and with appropriate intensity.”

  2. Ace Johnson

    Loki Just Killed It!!

    There are few programs that seemly transition between the Gym Environment, and Home/Hotel Room/ Etc. as well as The Hollywood Protocol does.

    It takes into consideration the requirements to “Be Ready To Go”, CNS recovery for Operational Athlete, and the extensive “Filling in The Gaps” program will make everything you do better.

    This is all accomplished while being Scalable to any level of Fitness or Fortitude, and is Adaptable to wide Variety of Environments.

  3. Loki Odinson

    Become The Bigger-Better-Bad Guy.

    The HollyWoood Protocol Will Make You: Bigger, Faster, Stronger, and Better Looking.

    It is Lit As F. Trust Me I Wrote it

  4. Bret Campel

    This program will give you everything you put into it, without the bullshit.

    No boring mesocycles that leave you mentally checked out, no monostructural movement patterns that set you up for injury and drain your athleticism, no grinding sessions that burn out your CNS.

    I live by the Need for Speed protocol, and I’m in and out of the gym in just under an hour.

    It’s a busy man’s dream come true. It keeps me strong, fast, jacked and ready.

    Slam your preworkout, put on the gangster rap and dive head first into this program.

  5. Wild Bill

    I currently work for a municipal police force in a variety of capacities including training new recruits in defensive tactics.

    I am also a member of the Canadian Forces having done 10 years with the intelligence branch and I now work as a diver for the Royal Canadian Navy.

    My employment demands an elite level of fitness and I have found the Hollywood protocol provides flexibility to travel while maintaining a high level of fitness.

    The equipment works at home or while deployed. The equipment is minimalist and the program builds a balanced physique that minimizes risk of injury.

    This program has helped me stay operational and allows me to travel. It’s a great program and it will keep you looking good too.

  6. B Train

    Coming from someone who lives out of a duffle bag and mini fridge for 90% of the year, this works like nothing else out there.

    I’ve been following a early version of it for the last 4 months.

    This is money well spent I feel stronger faster and I’m down 20 pounds and 2 Jean sizes!!

  7. Lance B

    I had the pleasure and (displeasure) of going through this program multiple times with an advance copy.

    It is flexible, well written and brutal.

    For those willing to put in the hard work, the results will come in terms of strength and aesthetics.

    For anyone willing to undertake this program, you need to have your rest and recovery dialed in- especially sleep.

    I will be running this program again.

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