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We wanted a jacket that was Mission Capable, yet Stylish, and wouldn’t look out of place.

From the outside The PAK RAT SOF Shell appears to be just another great looking jacket, that would be seen on the trails, or while shopping; and it is that…

In Addition, the PAK RAT SOF Shell Features 10 Different Pockets (details below), and some Intentionally Obscured Internal Real Estate. It’s ideal for folks that need to “Run Slick” or otherwise Stay Prepared, while keeping a Low Profile.

The PAK RAT SOF Shell is capable of carrying:

Overnight Load Out
*Change of Socks, Underwear, and a T-Shirt (Made Easy with the U-PAK TTP)
*Basic Toiletry Kit
*Food for 1-2 days

*Still with Room Left Over*

Depending on your mission; the PAK RAT SOF Shell allows you to carry items that will expand your capabilities, and aid you in your day to day life, or should you be called upon to act.

*Going on a day hike and need to carry a few extras for Wilderness Survival

*You have “Some Concerns”, and want a Mini-Bug Out/ E&E Kit to get you to where you need to go

*Need an easy way to carry Snacks for your kids (or Fur Kid) without dishonoring yourself a Man-Purse or Fanny Pack.

We got you covered.


Earn up to 148 Points.

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User experience features:

2way heavy duty YKK zipper making discrete and rapid access to waistband and jacket internals much easier if you are standing or seating. Also improves Temperature Regulation, and comfort when seated, driving a vehicle, or riding the train or flying a plane

Underarm vents allow for increased temperature regulation, and reduces moisture build up

Hook and loop adjusted elastic cuffs: Set it, and forget it.

Adjustable ShockCord Waist Band: allowing a more comfortable fit while increasing the ability to conceal first line gear

Rain Resistant Outer Shell: a big part of staying warm, is staying dry

Micro Fleece Lining: Keeps you warm, while keeping the weight, and the Bulk Down

Specifically design so it can be layered with vest, our Norwegian Night Shirt, a Hard Shell, and/or our Smock; as well as a Great Standalone Spring and Fall Jacket.

Carry Options:

1 Internal Celllphone/Notebook Pocket with dedicated Stylus/Pen holder; Top Load, Hook and Loop Closure

1 Internal Burner Phone/Document (Passport, Badge, etc) Pocket: Side zip

2 Large Internal Dump Pockets; Big Enough for a each is big enough to fit Tablet, Stab Panels, or A couple Couple Days Ration, Dop Kit (Basic Toiletries), and a Skivvy roll(Socks, Underwear, T-Shirt

1 Internal Tunnel Pocket in the Collar sized for a Thin Balaclava; Hidden. Also works for Glove Tethers

2 Large External pockets with internal D-Ring Static line Attachment Points, and ported to the inside so power cords, ear/Mic can be run to from the interior to the pocket without any modification; Waist/Hips

2 Medium Sized External Document Pockets sized for ID, Small Maps, Signal Mirrors, Local Paper Currency; Shoulders, Side Zip, Rapid Access

1 Medium Sized Document Pockets sized for ID, Small Maps, Signal Mirrors, Local Paper Currency, Defensive options; Left Breast, Center-line, Side Zip, Rapid Access

Intentionally Obscured Real Estate Internally on the Lapel, and deep on the Collar for … Additional options

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 45 × 37 × 16 cm

Black/Black, Black/Wolf Gray, Black/Coyote Brown


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small, XXL

6 reviews for PAK RAT SOF Shell

  1. 1707smart

    As part of the Red Team Development, I had the privilege of testing the Pak Rat Sof Shell jacket. I have used the Pak Rat Sof Shell jacket both personally and professionally. I have been a police officer for 33 years. This jacket provides everything I need to be successful in both ventures. Whether just going to the store, walking my dog, or conducting surveillance, this jacket is capable of storing any, and all, supplies I may require. I feel fully prepared for any situation. This jacket is made of quality material and very thought out. It’s also stylish and I receive many compliments and enquiries about it.

  2. thatguy32

    I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the PAK RAT ealry. And I have worn it basically everyday since. In my day to day life, and even at work a few times as a Technical Rescue Specialist under a Class 3 full body rescue harness. The position of some the pockets doesn’t interfere with the harness and allows me to store some essentials while on rope. It layers very nice, is warm enough on its own ( I run hot as it is), so Iv been able to wear it in -15’C by itself or with a mid layer. And been very comfortable.

    The storage options are ridiculous. It actually took me a day or two to find all of the pockets. For any EDC aficionados this jacket should check most of the boxes. It could in some cases replace an EDC backpack or compliment a smaller one very nicely. If you want to start talking about 1st line gear, 2nd line gear etc. This jacket gives you more options.

    Even with the coyote brown color its never felt out of place. From hiking up mountains, to grocery shopping.

    The only negative iv had so far is consistently misplacing things because of all the pockets lol. Its been a couple months and still holding up very well. Will wear it through the winter and see how it fairs as a year round piece to my everyday.

  3. Etienne François (verified owner)

    When I saw the Pak Rat Softshell the first time that was on Instagram, I thought, ok that’s just another softshell like you can find everywhere.

    Then I take a look at the website, read the description, saw what Delta 2 Alpha was selling, and suddenly I understood!

    That was exactly what I was looking for!!

    Something I could wear everyday, even workdays, that is totally greyman as I wanted… So I give it a try.

    I need to admit I was far from imagining the real quality…the outer shell looks and IS super solid and abrasion resistant. The interior is cozy and warm. I tested it under heavy rain, mud, wind and never get cold at all.

    You’ve got a full bunch of pockets, some pretty bigs and some small ones. One on each arms and two at hands level.

    I tested it fully loaded and the outside look remain the same as empty! That’s really astonishing by the way…

    To sum up, this is the best shell I ever seen so far and it’s a must have! You can buy it eyes closed!

  4. Brian Topping (verified owner)

    I have the Pak Rat in Coyote Brown I’ve been wearing it daily for 8 weeks. It has replaced every other soft shell that I own.

    The build quality is second to none; it feels bombproof. The storage options with it are endless. It can honestly replace your tactical man purse.

    Access to your first and second line are made easier with the layout of zippers.

    This is an excellent option if you want to be low profile or have to carry concealed it is very print resistant with even an OWB holster and a full size pistol.

    Get yourself one you’ll be as impressed as I am.

  5. chris.heenan (verified owner)

    Extremely impressed with the Pak Rat, its discreet but allows you to carry tons of goodies hidden away. Very warm, very high quality, I would not hesitate to buy again.

  6. mathew_steinberg (verified owner)

    My jacket arrived in the mail today, 11/10 fits great. with room to layer, if needed, and plenty of pockets with practical use, only jacket on the market made for urban bugout in mind.

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