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The Slick 24s are a Casual Short that will perform beyond expectation in dynamic situations.

Ace wanted a pair of shorts that he could wear out and around town, as well as at a Crossfit Gym, Grappling, and Kickboxing Class…and a place for his phone.



Earn up to 98 Points.

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Why Are they called SLICK 24s?

Running SLICK refers to when Ops are being conducted in plain(Civi) clothes. This Includes but isn’t Limited to: UC, Direct Action, Subversive Elements, and others that are “Working in the Gray. 24 Refers to the length in inches from the top of the waistband to the cuff. These offers more versatility in the situations that the SLICK 24s fit into (Restaurant, Beach, Vacation, Business Casual, etc)… and Ace needed to hide his Chicken Legs

The Slick-24s have All of the features that made our Straight Shooter Jeans a Smash Hit were integrated into the SLICK 24s:

*11 pockets in total (six visible, five hidden)
Including hidden Pockets for your Phones, Picks, & Passports

*The Freedom of Four-Way Stretch with a Diamond Gusset
Run, Squat, Lift, Jump, throw Head-Kicks, & Get Rowdy with the confidence you’ve always wanted

*Eight sets of Tango Eyes used with our Tango Stays
-Easily carry extra mags, etc with minimal bulk; perfect if you need to
Run Slick & Roll Dirty
-This is an Industry First!!

*Strategically Placed Grosgrain Webbing Attachment Points
Perfect for static lines and tethers for things that you can’t lose

*Beefed up Belt loops, for Beefed up Belts
Firstline Gear is the last line of defense and requires a Strong & Sturdy 1.75” of Support.

*YKK Metallic Nylon Coil Zipper
-Significantly Reducing Mishaps at the Most Common Point of Failure

*No Snitch Stitching
-Care was taking to ensure there wasn’t a telltale stitching style that might get you made

Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 8 cm

Just Black, Badlands Beige


26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42"

8 reviews for SLICK 24s

  1. Ace Johnson

    I made these for me, and I love them. You will too.

  2. danjma83

    These are the functional utility shorts that look like daily shorts. Comfy and athletic. Any sports activity is a breeze wearing them.

    I have trained with Ace for the past 3 months. The slick 24’s suffered the likes of full wrestling, bjj, kick boxing, Muay Thai, and strength and conditioning training EVERY DAY! and still look new.

    These are the most durable shorts I’ve seen. But I’m not much for words, I highly suggest you try them for yourself .

  3. Bravo Kilo

    Being an old man with Parkinsons I have mobility issues…just getting into my 4Wd can be chore. But not with these shorts. The cut combined with stretch fabric has given me a new lease on summer life and best of all, I no longer talk like Mickey Mouse after climbing down out my truck,,,,well done ACE!

  4. Kelly Schoof

    For my time, these are one of if not the best pairs of shorts I have had the pleasure of wearing.

    Outstanding flexibility and movement without the baggy parachute pant feel. Pockets that provide excellent utility and concealment while not looking like cargo pants.

    One of my biggest complaints about many pants and shorts is the skimpy number of belt loops; like the manufacturer was trying to save 0.0001 cents at the expense of the user’s sanity. Not with these shorts. Lots of belt loops to properly keep the waist band tight even while you wear a belt loaded with accessories.

    My only criticism, if I had one, would be that the belt loop openings could be slightly wider. I have some belts that are difficult to thread through.

    Overall you are getting excellent value with this product. Keep up the good work D2A!

  5. Lance B

    Excellent shorts.

    I have worn them for numerous activities now, so I wanted to be able to leave a proper review after trialing them in many different parts of my personal and work life.

    The number of belt loops is excellent, as certain items you want to keep properly situated for when you need to grab it. I have a number of different “tactical” or riggers belts, and they all fed through. My regular leather gun belts slid through just fine.

    The pockets are many, have anchor points at the bottom (ranger tabs), and are deep!

    Most importantly, they fit well and very comfortable. I have tried many athletic movements including lizard crawls and the stretch material is near perfect.

    Well done D2A team!

    – Lance B.

  6. Combat Wombat

    If you’re a fan of the straight shooter jeans, these shorts area must have for warmer weather. If you’re not a fan of the straight shooters, fix yourself!

    These shorts are incredibly high quality and right up there with Kuhl, Sitka etc.

    These give you the ability to carry all the gear you could possibly need without the awkward look of unorganized bulky cargo short pockets.
    Incredibly comfortable, high quality shorts, and easy to have the legs hemmed if a shorter style is your preference.

    You will not regret these shorts, and if you do you should seek professional help from a psychiatrist.

  7. Tkilfurd Dienethal (verified owner)

    These shorts are beyond any. Only wish I could sew and I’d add a side pocket on the thigh just cause I love having a field knife there. That said I’m never settling for tight shorts again. The mobility in these feels like I’m in a damn kilt and they look good to boot.

    The tango stts are an especially neat idea and the kinda thing that makes me wanna support Ace whenever I can. Bringing James bond tier toys to the table just to go to work and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d go for some field pants in this material too, the stuff just works. D2A quality through and through!!!

  8. lysandyre (verified owner)

    These are comfortable enough to wear as pajamas, which I have done. Never have I ever thought that I’d feel so relaxed in outerwear for long periods, but here we are. Ace, if you designed an entire clothing line that worked as well as this with hidden pockets- I will need all of it.

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