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Everyone that’s been North of Nebraska agrees: Being Cold Sucks.

Enjoying the winter weather is as simple as: Staying Dry and Temperature Regulation.

The Norwegian Ninja Shirt is an updated version of a classic Base Layer design. It boasts a unique combination of:

*Thin Waffle Fleece to Keep You Warm and Comfortable
*Strategically Positioned Stretch Panels
*Diligently Placed Quick Dry Sections (Underarm, Flank, & Tuckable)
*Tactical Turtleneck with Deep Zippered V
*Ninja Cuffs to Keep everything in place
*Easy Access Pockets to keep you touch screens warm enough to use

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User Experience Features:

*Thin Waffle Fleece keeps the warmth in, the cold out, with reduced bulk.

*Strategically Positioned Stretch Panels
allows the Norwegian Ninja Shirt to move as you move, this increases mobility, and decreases wasted energy

*Diligently Placed Quick Dry Sections (Underarm, Flank, & Tuckable) keep you smelling fresher, for longer. In addition, proper moister management is a key factor in staying comfortable. The

*Tuckable section allows the user to further control heat loss. The more heat you can retain the less energy you will use trying to stay warm. Being tucked in will allow more of the heat in you lower body to travel upward to your upper body. Depending on the situation, we need all of the help we can get.

*Tactical Turtleneck with a Deep Zippered V so Deep it has a degree in Transcendental Meditation. This Dramatically increases your ability to regulate core temperature during varied levels of Activities. Proper Regulation of Core Temperature will conserve energy, reduce rate of dehydration, and keep you comfortable through out the day

*Ninja Cuffs Keep everything in place when putting on gloves and other layers. They also make it easier to keep your hands and upper extremity warm by reducing heat loss.

*Easy Access Pocket to keep you touch screens warm enough to use. When electronic displays get cold, they don’t work well, with touch screens it is even worse. Batteries also tend to loose their charge when they are cold. All of this can take that sexy piece of gear an make it into a paperweight in short order.


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Weight.520 kg
Dimensions41 × 26 × 5 cm

Black, Olive Green w/Black, Coyote Brown w/Black


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3 reviews for Norwegian Ninja Shirt

  1. 1707smart (verified owner)

    I have recently purchase and tried the Norwegian Ninja shirt. The quality, fit, functionality, and warmth of this shirt Is second to none. I will be purchasing more. Highly recommended.

  2. Max Johnson

    That DEEP V though. This has rapidly become one of my “go to” all around garments.

    I’ve worn it hiking up steep mountains, standing for hours on icy windswept ranges, and into warm aromatic coffee shops.

    This was clearly designed by someone thinking about the end user.

    Forget all your other 1/4 zips, this 2/3 zip allows you to vent MUCH more efficiently, making you much more comfortable during any vigorous activity, or when transitioning to a warmer area.

    The waffle pattern provides better insulation while also being very breathable.

    “Ninja Cuffs” are done much better than most and really let you slide that shell or other layer on easily.

    Napoleon pocket is a great for keeping your phone from freezing; I’ve also used it for an ID badge, glasses, face mask etc.

    If you’re thinking about it, just get it.

  3. slothynoodles (verified owner)

    Rocked this bad boy as an outer layer in the mountains of West Virginia.

    Temps ranged from 50ish in the morning to 80f+ something in the afternoon depending on where we were fishing that day.

    I’m a stocky boy and it fit me perfectly without being too baggy or crazy long.

    I’ve been able to utilize as a multi-purpose “shirt,” always keeping it on hand with the crazy weather we get up here in Michigan.

    Given the quality and price point, I’d highly recommend it.

    Plus, who doesn’t want to be a Norwegian Ninja?

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