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What 5 Things Make A Great Throwing Knife?


*J7OMA Shown Above; Purpose Built To Be the Best Small Through Knife Available* 

Let me start this out by saying, if you put in a lot of time and effort to develop the skillset, you can learn to throw anything point and make it stick. If you have the right tools for the job, it is much easier.


A good throwing Knife needs to be heavy enough that when thrown you can let the tool do the work. It’s easier to throw larger knives like Bowies, machetes, etc. than smaller objects. The problem with most throwing knives is they are far to light.

You can stick lighter throwing knives; you can stick anything, but it is much more work, and takes much more skill. It takes a certain amount of force to make an object to stick into the target.

Force is equal to Mass x Acceleration or F=m*a So the lighter an object is, the faster it needs to move to have enough energy or force to pierce the target and stick. For most, “whipping it” is where things fall of the rails

Blade Shape
The point of the knife needs to be fine enough to create enough pressure that so it will pierce the target. The finer the point, the less force you need to pierce the target.

Pressure is Force over Area or Pa= F/A

The trick is, it also needs to be strong enough that it will stand up to repeated use and abuse. Trust me when I say throwing your knives is very hard on them.

The blade shape and Balance go hand in hand. There must be enough material on the blade, to make it “Blade Heavy”. This makes it much easier to throw by the handle in the “No Spin” Style. This the reason you see a Leaf Shaped, over sized blade on throwing knives.

When the knife is weighted right, the blade slides out of your hand, glides through the air, and into the target.

Handle Shape
For a knife to be easy to throw “No Spin”, it needs to have a smooth, undersized, tapered handle. The trick to having a knife stick with authority is your release.

When throwing “No Spin”, you want a smooth handle. If there is any texture on the handle, a pommel, or feature on the handle, it creates interference points. This makes it more difficult to throw. You can stick it, but it requires and a change in technique.

A throwing knife is made of a steal that is Hard Enough that it holds an Edge, and Soft Enough that it doesn’t break. Most of the “Super Steals” are aren’t well suited. The 1095 High Carbon Tool Steal is an excellent choice, providing your Blade/Tip geometry is not too fine.

The J7OMA is based on the Accumulation of knowledge and experience gathered from more than 20 years of throwing Pointed things. It has all the features that make a great throwing knife. Here are the Specs:

Length: ~8-1/16” / ~20.5cm
Thickness: ~3/16” / ~4mm
Weight: ~3.5oz / ~100g
Material: 1095 Tool Steel
Blade Shape: Modernized Tanto-DropPoint Hybrid
Balance: Blade Heavy
Handle: Tapered-Skeletonized-Neutral

The J7OMA is the best throwing knife we have used to date. It will work if you do.

The unique thing about the J7OMA is it is a Great field knife, and a Great Throwing Knife.

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