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Clean Your Own House First

Right now things are different… Different than almost anyone alive has ever experienced.

Our favorite things to do have changed:

*Going to the Gym has Changed
*Going to our Favorite Place to Eat Changed
*Going to see our Friends and Family Changed
(**Depending on Location**)

I have had many folks ask me variations of, “So what do we do now?” My answer is simple:

“Clean Your Own House First”

I know what you are thinking, “What an A–hole” and “At least he did say, “Let Them Eat Cake”.

Allow me to explain: When the world feels like it is crashing down all around us, it is easy to get sucked into “BlackPilled Nihilisic Doomer” type of Mentality. There are no shortage of people that will be pushing a “The End is Near” type of philosophy, and there are Plenty of Conspiracy theories. So what do we do?

“Clean Your Own House First”

We start by improving the things that we can control, and focusing on the things that are going well.

For example:
*You can still exercise without going to the gym
*You can learn to cook better food at home, and try new recipes from the interweb

*You can stay in touch via Phone, text, or tons of various messaging platforms
*Lets be honest, sometimes it is nice to not have to drive 21hrs round trip to do family Christmas

“Clean Your Own House First”

This starts with making sure your house is as clean and as tidy as it can be; and your bed made (seriously). If your house is in order, your stress levels are lower; having to stay inside won’t feel like such a terrible thing.

This also means establishing a new routine. Humans are pattern seeking creatures, a certain level of predictability gives us comfort. Build a “Schedule” or “Action for yourself” with a few items you will hit everyday no matter what; as an example:

First thing upon waking do 15-45min of exercise. It doesn’t matter if it is: Kettlebells, Resistance Bands, AGRO Rope, Taking the Pooch for a Walk, Jumping Jacks, Stairs, Step-ups, Push-ups, Pull-ups, Burpees, DRAGO v1, etc. Do Something. This has the effect improving your health, your mood, as well as shaking off the brain fog in the morning.

Next is we need to find some type of passion project. This is something you do for you because you love it, you would pay to do it if you need to. It can be anything: working on a cookbook, scrapbooking, writing a novel or short stories, building model trains, poetry, whipmaking, basket weaving, etc. no ones passion project is any better than anyone else’s. Pick something that excites you, and will leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Spend one hour per day on something you love.

Spend one hour on self-development. This can be Learning a new language, working on an online course, a business plan, research project, etc. pick something that will make you better and more employable when the rebound happens.

Spend 15-45min in the early evening doing some type of physical activity; any of the previously listed will be fine, you may also want to do some YouTube yoga, etc. This allow you to blow off some steam from the day, and will help you sleep better. In addition to improving mental and physical health.

The last thing you will do, is spend time Cleaning Your Own House: Beds made, pillows fluffed, laundry done, dishes washed, floors vacuumed, mirrors spotless, and toilets cleaned. This is important not only so you don’t die of the Plague, but also because we end the day with restoring order to our lives.

Now is the time to be your Best Self… for you, and as an example for others.

“Clean Your Own House First”