Tengu Chassis


The Tengu was inspired by a Iconic Japanese Blade design often referred to as an Ikuchi.

They were said to have been a favorite among Government Officials and Prostitutes (A Blurly Line at Times); much like the Derringers of the Wild West. The blade profile was particularly well suited for piercing textiles; Filling a similar role to what Daggers and Stilettos did in Europe.

*The Name Ikuchi is reference to Japanese Cryptid believed by some to occupy the Southern to Western Sea Near Kansia and Kyushu*

We’ve added a Finger Choil to make sheath building easier, and to help prevent you hand from riding up on to the blade during hard use. As with the J7OMA the handle is skeletonized to offer a greater variety of finishing options.


Overall Length: ~8” or ~20.5mm

Blade Width: ~13/16” or ~22mm
Thickness: 3/16” ~4.5mm
Material: 1095 High Carbon Tool Steel

*You Choice of SnapWrap included*

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The Skeletonized handle can be used to store small items that are useful in a survival situation. The Skeletonized Handle  can be finished in a variety of ways depending on the users preferences:

*HoodRat SnapWrap (1m included; your choice of color)
*Jute or Paracord Wrap
*Katana Style Wrap
*Exotic Wood

Who is the Tengu for?
There are lots of folks that would love to build themselves a knife, but don’t have the tools or the space for the tools required to do the cutting, grinding, and heat treatment.

With the blade already shaped, and tempered; you can have fun focusing on finishing. The nice part about finishing is you could do most of it sitting at the kitchen table or on your Balcony.

The Concept of the Tengu is like a Hod-Rod Chassis or a Jeep. You can leave them Stock-Basic if you want, and they are a solid piece… but it is way more to Fun to Mod ‘em, Tune ‘em, and Tweak ‘em to make it truly your own.

What does the Tengu Come with?

The Tengu comes with a piece(1m) of
HoodRat SnapWrap (Pick your color).

Does the Tengu come with a sheath?
There will be some video demos of ways you can make custom sheaths at home.

You can  also make arrangements with Ruelas Tools or Grayfox Strategic or any other custom kydex/Leather maker. Then set your shipping address to them.

Why Would You sell a Knife without a sheath?
Sheaths are like holsters, they are a very personal choice. We don’t want to force you to pay for a sheath you don’t want. Also depending on how you want to Mod your Tengu; the sheath will limit what you can do, or the Mod may require you to get a different sheath.

There also some talented folks doing Custom Kydex and Leather work out there, and we want to show them some support.

If you want to know how to put  stonewashed Gun Metal Finish on you Tengu, Click Here:

Here are a bunch of different ways to put on the HoodRat SnapWrap:



Additional information

Weight .320 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 4.5 cm
Complimentry HoodRat SnapWrap Color

Black, Olive Green, Coyote Brown, Stone Gray


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