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The Design of MNSTR (Min•Ster) was Heavily Influenced By The Experience Shadow (of 52VTK) Gained from 25 Years in The Gladiator Pits of New York State.
The MNSTR is the Culmination of That Knowledge. Great Care Was Taken To Give Nods and Pay Homage to The Origins Including:
★Leather Sheath
★Leather Handle
★”Penny Trick”
★”The Cola Boil”
★☆★It Was Even Pen. Tested Against Prison Armour★☆★
“It’s Built Different”
“It’s Built Like That” & “It’s Built For That”
Over All Length: 185mm / 7¼”
Blade Length: 80mm / 3¼”
Blade Thickness: 6mm / <¼”
Steel: 440c
*Every MNSTR Comes With A FREE Trainer Made For Us By The Best In The Business (AkuStrike)*

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 5 cm

4 reviews for MNSTR Package

  1. jay.fujimoto

    Received my MNSTR live blade and trainer from Delta2Alpha today.

    I have a lot of blades that I absolutely love – including the Emerson Elvia and the TOPs El Pionero. But, this new blade is by far — my favorite.

    1. Design & Ergonomics = 5 stars. You can tell the knife was designed by a fighter who has used blades in real-life scenarios. This knife is a masterpiece. I know enough over my years of study to recognize that this blade will cut and pierce in an extremely effective way. But the real beauty of the design is in the hook (on the punyo). It is designed to not only stabilize the grip – but also acts as a lever/hook to pull the knife out after penetration.

    2. Applicability as a fighting knife = 5 stars. The knife feels like an extension to the hand both in standard and ice pick grips. Transitions of the knife from one hand to the other (using Piper techniques) is effortless. I really believe that the perfect balance between the blade and the handle facilitates the above. It is wicked fast on transitions from spikes to stabs. And its geometry enables really nice slashes. I set up a make-shift pork man on my PVC dummy. The cuts on the meat were phenomenally good – all to the “bone.”

    The sheath is a work of art. I tried the “penny” technique to secure the knife to the pocket. Genius design. Love the fact that there is no printing with a clip.

    3. Fit specific to systems (52 Blocks VTK, Piper Combatives and Blade Technologies) = 5 stars. This in my mind is the perfect fit for 52, Piper and BT. It fits seemlessly into the continuum of tools / weapons. I see it as an integral part of the force continuum – complementing the other delta2alpha tools (TheMark —> Echo —> Domino —> MSTR).

    4. Trainer: Aku Strike Trainer. The trainer is perfect replica of the live blade. Fits well in the sheath (practing draws under pressure). And most importantly, it has the same “alive” feel as the live blade.

    Awesome job Professor Ken and Ace! Home run on all levels!

    Appreciate all you two do for me and for giving me the chance to test the MNSTR prior to the public release.

    Blessings to you both.


  2. seanbell1202 (verified owner)

    Purpose driven design. I’ve handled many blades, and this one was very well thought through. Highly recommend for anyone interested in a blade for serious self defense. Handles very well.

    Really dig the leather scales, actually works great in grip either reverse or fencing hold.

  3. cqc1359 (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with the MNSTR package from 52 VTK (Shadow) and Delta2Alpha designs. It is a very well thought-out and executed purpose driven design for a perfect fighting blade. It fits my hand like a glove, and works exceptionally well for my Libre Fighting and Piper practice. Excellent communication from Ace during the order process, and fast shipping. Don’t sleep on this package, it is a steal for the price offered.

  4. frank76alpine (verified owner)

    Amazing blade in a superb sheath, very easy and ergonomic to grip

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