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The Seme aka “The Lion Sword”, is the go-to EDC knife of The Maasai People (Plains of Kenya/Tanzania/South Sudan). They use it for Everything from:

*Clearing brush
*Butchering Cattle
*Peeling Fruit

*Balanced Well Enough for throwing
*Light Enough to use all day
*Small Enough to carry on your belt or in your backpack
*Big Enough for Good Leverage, and Chopping/Hacking
*Fast Enough… should you need it to be.

Earn up to 180 Points.

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We first handled a Seme when we were given one as a gift from someone we trained, before they went to do Mission Work. We were immediately impressed. It was made from Scrap Metal, and Melted Down Soup Cans, held together with Goatskin, and Sinew. In spite of this, it was a great blade.

A testament to the ingenuity and tenacity of people making the best tool they could, with what they had. It is the accumulation of 100’s of years of R n’ D.

Things that were Great:
*Well Balanced due to Tapered Shape
*Manageable Length (~18.5”)
*Symmetrical Handle

*Differential Hardened 1095 Spring/Tool Steel
*Thickness increased to 3/16” / 5mm
*Bowie Style Belly
*Added Breaking Wedge
*Added Lanyard / Lashing Holes
*Added Leather Wrapped Handle

Additional information

Weight .800 kg
Dimensions 51 × 10 × 10 cm

Bare Steel, Acid Wash, Battle Born Black Label

1 review for Savannah Slim

  1. cramrobbers (verified owner)

    It’s a hatchet/tomahawk, bowie and machete in one ridiculously easy to swing package.

    I absolutely cannot wait to put this thing to work backpacking this summer.

    It’s lighter and more versatile than the tomahawk I normally carry and so far it has tackled every challenge just as well as that tomahawk.

    Another great product from Delta2AlphaDesign!!

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