TheMARK: Fibre Composite

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TheMARK: Fibre Composite is compact, lightweight, robust, and goes anywhere you do. It strong enough to support a fully loaded plate carrier, while being low profile enough to fit discreetly in any pocket. TheMARK will be truly innovative addition to your day to day life.

A few of the more common uses of TheMARK:
•       Prop up your tablet
•       Keep your jacket or bag off the floor of the bathroom while traveling
•       As a more ergonomic handle for Carrying Grocery bags
•       As a hand quick attach handle for less mobile people to get out of vehicles
•       Quick Release short lease for working K9
•       Self-Defense (Armed is a Mindset)

TheMARK was our original product. Over the years it has gone through several versions, and we have found many uses for it. After repeated requests from our clientele, we are pleased to offer TheMARK in four different colours of a Silica Based Fibre Composite, and in Black Carbon Fibre.

While the HDPE versions of TheMARK work quite well, certain people demanded the best. The main advantages of the composite versions over HDPE are:
-Extremely Rigid
-Higher Tensile Strength
-Better resistance to Heat
-Low Creep
-Better finish

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Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 1 cm

2 reviews for TheMARK: Fibre Composite

  1. sf25rockyridge (verified owner)

    Build quality, ergonomics, and communication with Delta2Alpha are excellent. The particular design and G-10 construction take theMARK to the best in its class of this type of discreet, multipurpose hand tool. Thank you!

  2. Marcos (verified owner)

    I bought my first MARK in 2016, it was Crystal Blue HDPE. It has withstood the test of many trips in my pocket, and has provided a daily hang-up for my backpack (35lbs, I work in tech and carry lots of gear) both in the office and on the road. I finally upgraded to the limited edition G10 Imperial version, which is another awesome piece! I still use the HDPE piece and plan to order a blue G10 version as well. My wife likes this for the grocery bags as well, and it’s easy to wield with training. Couldn’t recommend this any higher. The best part is that it looks completely innocuous.

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