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A Cross between a classic Leader Design, and an Americanized Tanto. It’s Aggressive point, paired with lighter weight makes it well suited as as Casual Thrower, Beginners, and those with a Lighter Frame.

The straight handle, makes it a great choice for reverse grip No-Spin/Anti-Spin Styles of throwing.

The Knife is slightly handle heavy, and works well for Half, and No-Spin Variations; both Western Push Style, and the Wave Styles (SKANf, IVA, BIM, etc.)

Length: 26cm / 10.5”
Thickness: 6mm / ~6mm
Weight: 220g / 7.8oz

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 36 × 11 × 11 cm

4 reviews for Tantogata

  1. Ace Johnson

    A great Americanized Tanto Design. Easy to Stick, great for a wide variety of throws, and throwing styles.

  2. Okie215

    Tantogata is Amazing throwing knife for anyone’s collection. The no spin capabilities with it are amazing the moment it comes out of the box . This knife gives you a very long range for rotational throwing just to sweeten the package. Hats off to Kim vitaly for this one. I recommend it being in the must have category.

  3. lysandyre (verified owner)

    I’m in love with how sleek this thing handles!

  4. lancelito.brasil (verified owner)

    Very nice knives! Perfect for my reverse training. Thanks very much.

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