Spets 3 Pro Small


Spets 3 Pro Small

The Russian Equivalent of a Small Kunai with a Front Heavy Bias; its Great Generalist Knife. With the Smaller Handle it is a bit easier to learn the Revers Grip Throws with.

Due to the Smaller size and the Versatility it is a great choice for Those with a smaller, Frame Beginners, and those looking for a fun casual thrower.

The Nearly Symmetrical Parabolic Shape Makes quite versatile and it is a great choice for first set of knives as you can throw every variation of No-Spin, Half Spin, and Rotational with the Spets 3 Pro.

23cm / 9”
220g / 7.7oz


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Weight .350 kg
Dimensions 36 × 11 × 11 cm


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