Tengu Kudaki

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Tengu Kudaki means “Demon Crusher” in Japanese.

A Mutant Cross between an Ikuchi (A Japanese Dagger Preferred by Politicians & Prostitutes), and a Bo-Shuriken Combined with The Good Old American Enthusiasm for Heft.

Tengu Kudaki is a Carry Sized Thrower That Hits Like a Juggernaut,  Penetrates Well, and Leaves Gaping Triangular Holes of Sadness in whatever you throw it into.

It has been Optimized for Throwing in Anti-NoSpin Methods: Western Push, Slavic or BIM Wave, Shuriken Slide, Thorn, etc.

The handle is Straight Down the Spine all the way to the point, and slightly tapered on the edge side offering Smooth Releases. While the 3/8″ (9.5mm) thick spine boasts Great Purchase, and Excellent Control.

The Position of The Point will become an Extension of your Will.

Overall: ~8.5″ / ~22cm
Thickness: 3/8″ / ~9.5mm
Weight: 8.2oz / ~235g
Material: 80CrV, 56HRC
Finish: Acidwash
Balance: Center / Centre
Edge: ~.5mm / ~1/32″ Wedge Edge
Made in the USA

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Weight .260 kg
Dimensions 22 × 3 × 2 cm

3 reviews for Tengu Kudaki

  1. Kilfurd T

    A bladed brick in your pocket!

    Personally my new favorite EDC both for its sturdiness and ability to take an edge.

  2. Lowik

    “Dude, the Tengu is INSANE

    I threw it over and over for 5 minutes between 3 and 5m without any drops

    Compact, weight distribution is great and the flight path is insane and super controlable”

  3. markusmethod

    As someone who favours a front heavy knife with no holes or slots cut in the handle, this knife is opposite to all of that and still won me over. Due to the knife’s heftiness, there is no middle ground of impact subtly – it’s a SCUD missile in your hand. Throwing this knife requires more of an authoritative commitment to the technique, specifically the follow through, master this, and you’ll dominate distances outside of what you’re use to with ease. Recommended for intermediate to advance experienced throwers.

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