Spade – Traditional Japanese Kunai


The Spade takes its influence from Kunaigata style Shuriken which came from repurposed Gardening and Stone working tools. The Spade is a More Accurate depiction of what a Classic Japanese Kunai Looked liked, and is easier to throw in No-Spin as it doesn’t have a large ring on the heel to muddle the grip/release. (For Scroll Down for Picture of Traditional Style Japanese Kunai)

***What most portray as a Kunai better described as a Chinese Ring Dagger . This Mix up seems to be traced back to the Manga Series “Naruto“***

The simple handle design paired with the Light Textured Mill-Scale finish boasts smooth consistent releases during No-Spin throws of any style (Wester or Wave). The Spade can be thrown easily in a Variety of Grips. It is also a great representation of a Traditional Kunai for Ninjutsu Practitioners.

Length: ~26cm / 10.25″
Thickness: ~6.7mm /  ~1/4″
Weight: ~310g / 10.9oz
Balance: slightly Front Heavy
Steel: 440C
Finish: Light Mill Scale Texture
Designed by: (M. Bind)

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Examples of Classic Japanese Kunai Designs

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 5 cm


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