Straight Shooter Jeans

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The Ace Johnson Straight Shooter Jeans:

Classic Style with the Ability to Perform in Dynamic Situations should you be called upon; A Fantastic Combination of Form, Fit, and Function.

On the town, Out of Range or Down Range; We’ve Got you Covered


*11 pockets in total (six visible, five hidden)
Including hidden Pockets for your Phones, Picks, & Passports

*The Freedom of Four-Way Stretch Demin, and Diamond Gusset
Run, Squat, Lift, Jump, throw Head-Kicks, & Get Rowdy with the confidence you’ve always wanted

*Eight sets of Tango Eyes used with our Tango Stays
-Easily carry extra mags, etc with minimal bulk; perfect if you need to Run Slick & Roll Dirty
-This is an Industry First!!

*Strategically Placed Grosgrain Webbing Attachment Points
Perfect for static lines and tethers for things that you can’t lose

*Beefed up Belt loops, for Beefed up Belts
Firstline Gear is the last line of defense and requires a Strong & Sturdy 1.75” of Support.

*YKK Metallic Nylon Coil Zipper
-Significantly Reducing Mishaps at the Most Common Point of Failure

*No Snitch Stitching
-Care was taking to ensure there wasn’t a telltale stitching style that might get you made

*Straight Leg for Straight Shooters
A clean, Casual, yet Professional
-enough room in the legs for those that lift, and their cowboy boots


Earn up to 100 Points.

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Additional information

Weight 1.35 kg
Dimensions 32 × 25 × 9 cm
Waist” – Inseam”

28"-30", 28”-32”, 28”-34”, 28"-36", 28”-unhemmed, 30"-30", 30”-32”, 30”-34”, 30"-36", 30”-unhemmed, 32"-30", 32”-32”, 32”-34”, 32"-36", 32”-unhemmed, 34"-30", 34”-32”, 34”-34”, 34"-36", 34”-unhemmed, 36"-30", 36”-32”, 36”-34”, 36"-36", 36”-unhemmed, 38"-30", 38”-32”, 38”-34”, 38"-36", 38”-unhemmed, 40"-30", 40”-32”, 40”-34”, 40"-36", 40”-unhemmed, 42"-30", 42”-32, 42”-34, 42"-36", 42”-unhemmed

19 reviews for Straight Shooter Jeans

  1. thatguy32 (verified owner)

    Well, that mad scientist Ace did it again. 

    I’ve worn several different jeans from other brands, but none of them feel like these.  Or move for that matter.

    I dont see myself blowing out the crotch even after several ballet recitals, thats how stretchy they are.  And thats just the fit. 

    For actual  functionality, im not sure I’ve even found all the pockets and attachment points.  I feel like I could infiltrate Moscow fully kitted with just the pants. 

    Even with pockets filled with stuff- kit, edc, ect, the maneuverability isnt affected like some other brands.

    So far the pockets seem well situated to accommodate different load outs.  And sitting / standing they dont ride up anywhere.

    They look like I could go out on a casual date on the town, or go two stepping with all the cow girls and blend in (from the waist down anyway) As long as they last , these are my new go tos.

    Just wish there was a bell bottoms option.

  2. Will “Lion” Romero

    I really enjoy the feel and fit of these jeans!!

    They’re the perfect jeans because they allow me to move freely with no discomfort or obstruction.

    The flexible Jean material is a game changer in terms of comfort and functionality.

    With my active busy lifestyle I need a pair of jeans that can keep up and these jeans surpassed my expectations!!

    Will def be stocking up on the different styles for variety.

  3. “Smartie”

    I just received my Ace Johnson Straight Shooter jeans.

    As soon as I put them on they felt like the old comfortable jeans you never want to take off.

    They fit true to size and look great.

    There is absolutely no movement restrictions with these jeans.

    Numerous advantages come with these pants ranging from the extra pockets and pocket placement to weapon and equipment concealment. I wish I had these pants when I was working undercover.

    Truly a two thumbs up product. Chuck Norris would definitely be proud of these jeans

  4. Danger from The FullTang Clan

    Probably the best fitting pair of pants I’ve ever worn.

    Well f***ing done 🤘🏻

  5. Gavin Ragnarok

    There are a lot of tactical jeans on the market today… quite simply though, the Straight shooter ones are the best.

    With their classic timeless styling, they will blend in anywhere from the local Ag Hall, to the urban jungle, without screaming “tacticool operator”.

    Front and Deep Rear pockets allow you to carry all your daily essentials, and the interior tethers ensure you don’t loose them, or that sheaths are removed when pull things from your pockets.

    The hidden bungee system in the waistband allows for even more covert carrying of daily essentials.

    For all these reasons, you should get a pair… Plus… who doesn’t want to get into Ace’s pants?

  6. D.J. “The Metalhead Mercenary”

    Gotta say I freaking love these things man, thank you so much for making a product I and others have wanted for years.

    Awesome Quality, stretchy, not super skinny; perfect for consealing whatever you might need to.

    Perfect for everyone from the EP/CP operative to thoae seeking adventure that want to some low profile gear with some extra pockets to hide stuff, or anyone in between.

  7. G. Slinger

    Tested the Straight Shooter Jeans while doing some Plain Clothes work the other night and I had to go hands on. I would never have gues I could move this well in a pair of jeans.

    A few nights later, I came home from working uniformed duty; the wife wanted to go out for supper. I grabbed my pair of Straight Shooter Jeans, and dressed them up with a long sleeved button down (black); looked sharped As F.

    My Wife told me: “Even Though I know what they are, I still wouldn’t guess they are for ‘Work'”

    They have passed every test so far, don’t hesitate, get them.

  8. Lance B

    I picked up a pair of Straight Shooter Jeans for plain clothes work.

    I bought them for use “in the field,” and now feel comfortable reviewing them.

    It is clear that there was very methodical process and attention to detail that went into designing these jeans. There are 11 pockets, numerous pockets designed for holding magazines. They blend in perfectly for “plain clothes” work, or every day wear.

    Most importantly, the jeans allow for a large freedom of movement and are very flexible. In testing the squats and high kicks, they felt great – let alone running.

    Will be buying more!

    – Lance B.

  9. trinblades1078 (verified owner)

    Received the Straight shooter jeans and they’re already my favorite after only a few minutes.

    A lot of attention put into these guys…

    Looking forward to testing them out with some gear for all those pockets ect !!!

  10. Ryan Horst (verified owner)

    These Straight Shooter Jeans from Ace Johnson Jeans / @delta2alphadesign are freaking AWESOME.

    They’re filled with features/pockets for overt and covert carry of all your EDC gear or documents.

    The comfort and fit are spot on. The material is extremely flexible and executing kicks anywhere from foot to face is no problem at all.

    The quality of craftsmanship is second to none. I’m extremely happy with these and would absolutely buy them again if anything ever happens to this pair!

    Had a couple questions about how good these jeans REALLY are if you’re trying to kick to someone’s face (which I don’t generally recommend in an actual fight).

    I have video on my Instagram of me performing a front kick and spin hook kick, both head high, on my Instagram (@rahorst81). See for yourself.

    For reference, I’m 6’ even. I took NOTHING out of my pockets before performing those two simple kicks, so I had pretty much my full usual EDC on my person. ZERO issues performing the techniques.

    The more I wear these jeans, the more I believe that these could be the last style of blue jean I ever need to own.

    They’re stylish without being flashy and discretely functional without looking like cargo or carpenter’s pants (nothing against those, but they have a lot of obvious pockets).

    My wife said they even make my backside look good. LOL

    If you’re a traveler, do yourself a favor and buy a pair of these.

    They’ll blend in anywhere where blue jeans are common (that’s pretty much everywhere) and are designed to be easily cared for/cleaned by washing in cold water and dried cool (or hang-dried).

  11. riseandshinerabbitry (verified owner)

    Love my new jeans, from working on the farm to working out these are the best.

    So many covert carry options.

    My new favorite jeans. Will be back for another pair!

  12. mattmojica (verified owner)

    Besides these being awesome for carrying all kinds of stuff, the best thing about these jeans is that they are comfortable as hell.

    I have a hard time finding jeans that fit right, short stumpy legs and a small waist means nothing fits right, but these are perfect.

    Best jeans I’ve ever owned hands down, everything Ace makes is dope.

  13. chris.heenan (verified owner)

    These are by far the best jeans I have ever worn.

    I used to wear V***x as my daily jeans but the moment I tried the straight shooters on I could tell the vertx jeans had been replaced.

    Very comfortable, incredibly well thought out design. You will not regret purchasing these jeans.

  14. Tyler Kaye (verified owner)

    If you are looking, 100% purchase them now. The tabs at the bottom of the pockets, genius. Hard to find jeans that are as comfortable, let alone this functional.

    I can now carry all my things and stuff.

    You nailed it Ace!

  15. Northern Explorer (verified owner)

    So my journey first started with never being able to find the right jeans that were just perfect. I was struggling to find jeans that were comfortable, durable and functional without looking like cargo pants and more just like a regular civi.

    Finally I came across these and was really unsure at first and do prefer trying jeans on first. But after talking with Delta2Alpha and making sure I got the right size using the sizing chart and a measuring tape I decided to buy a pair!

    Three months later carrying all my EDC and almost wearing these things every single day (when I’m not in my work clothes) and a wash once a week I’ve got to say they hold up!
    Other than some light marking from where my phone goes I’ve really put these things to the test! They are so comfy and stretchy! I no longer keep my keys and slim wallet in my back pocket I actually keep them separately in the double coin pockets!! Now when I sit I no longer have to sit on lumps or have to worry about taking things out of my pockets and forgetting about them!

    Speaking of the pockets they are incredibly functional and the secret pocket are useful too for other EDC items that aren’t in daily use.

    So after enjoying my pair and testing them out I finally decided to buy two more pairs from Delta2Alpha because they are the absolute best jeans out there!

    Thanks for having such an amazing product!

    -Ps next on my list are the shorts!

  16. rice.ariso

    I was very happy to receive my parcel. My wife was the only one who noticed how long I was checking out the features in these jeans.

    As usual for D2A a lot of creativity and quality specification has gone into these. It’s more of a straight fit so with the stretchy denim and length options you could get away with a size smaller, but that restricts your in waistband options, which is a part of the appeal of the jeans.

    Very durable, functional and comfortable in all postures.

  17. lumont

    Dang son. I haven’t worn jeans in a decade because they’re not well suited for the work i do. Usually they either don’t fit well or they don’t last long.

    I’ve been in Ace’s pants for a few months now and it’s been great. So comfortable.
    I can run flat out in these bad boys even with my pockets maxed out. And these pockets… that’s another story. I’d tell you about the pockets but then I’d have to keep you quiet Clinton style.
    Buy these pants and get to work!

  18. lysandyre (verified owner)

    I wear these everywhere.

  19. maximn (verified owner)

    As someone who used to hike/snowboard/motorcycle a lot and got them thick boy thighs, finding jeans that fit is a bit of a challenge.
    Usually it’s either too loosey goosey in the waist or too tight in the thigh/balls.

    The way these stretch there is not an issue with any of this.


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