Murder Hornet aka Giant Hornet Flat

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In Early 2020 the Asian Giant Hornet, Northern Giant Hornet, or Japanese Giant Hornets were first sighted on the Left Coast of North America. At a size of upto 2″ long (5x Larger than a Honey Bee), Carrying Extra, and more potent venom they are somewhat off putting to say the least. After a video went viral of a Murder Hornet Killing a Mouse, It quickly became of a Meme of the Terrifying Kind, Cementing it the name in the public consciousness.

The Flat Murder Hornet has nearly Identical Balance to the Flat Meganeura but is just a touch heavier, and is offers a four sided Taper, and a Bug Strong Square Head (paying Homage to Ace’s Heritage).

The long Tapered body guarantees  smooth releases in a variety of No-Spin Techniques. In addition to this the Hornet Smoothly Slides into its target.

It performs well in Wave Style Throws as well as Traditional Shuriken Slide. Ace has developed a Modern Hybrid throw that works exceptionally well these modern Shuriken Designs, He has Dubbed “The Tsunami Method”

Length: ~8.5″ /21cm
Thickness:  ~1/4” / 6mm
Weight:  ~5oz/~140g
Material: 440c Analog
Finish: Light Textured Acid Wash
Balance: Front Heavy
Designed By: Ace Johnson (Delta 2 Alpha Design) in Collaboration with M. Bind (

*Though this is an original design, Inspiration for it can be found in the Negishi Ryu & Kashima Shin Ryu Schools

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Weight .26 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 5 cm

2 reviews for Murder Hornet aka Giant Hornet Flat

  1. mitchs1964 (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying these new flat throwers this one throws fantastic has a great mill scale finish and a great feel in your hand

  2. lysandyre (verified owner)

    Whoever designed these flats needs a raise. Best. Throwers. Ever.

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