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The AVRO is a Beefed up version of the Classic Leader Design.

It’s Aggressive point, 8mm Stock paired with an Acid-Washed Finish ensures that it hits hard, and is easy to control.

The AVRO has a “Wedge Edge” which makes it a bit more for giving; a benefit to Beginner and Competitive throwers a like.

Its longer Slender Shape makes it very consistent in flight, and ensures it penetrates deep into the target.

The straight handle, makes it a great choice for reverse grip No-Spin/Anti-Spin Styles of throwing.

It is a perfect for any style of throwing, and any level of thrower.

The Knife is slightly handle heavy, and works well for Half, Full, and No-Spin Variations; both Western Push Style, and the Wave Styles (SKANf, IVA, BIM, etc.)

27cm / 10.5”
240g / 8.3oz

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Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 31 × 6 × 3 cm

2 reviews for AVRO

  1. Tkilfurd Dienethal

    A new design that feels like an old friend. Throws so comfy my hand misses it before it reaches the target. Leaves your palm with the smooth slide of a bow shuriken yet with the control and power of my favorite bowie. Whether it’s your first or your 50th piece it will definitely leave an impression.

  2. markusmethod

    If you ever needed a thrower that was engineered for consistent instinctive half-spin from close to far distances (3m to 10m +) look no further this is THE knife for that. Whether you index on the spine or use military half-spin style with the thumb, the knife gives accurate feedback allowing an easier learning curve for all skill levels.

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