Meganeura – Giant Dragonfly

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The Meganuera is the Largest Species of Dragonfly to ever Exist. Its Body up to 40cm / ~16″ long, and its wingspan up to 70cm / ~28″ (2.3ft)!! Though our Meganuera isn’t quite that terrifying, at roughly double the weight, it is something to behold.

With all of the Same Features as its little brother, and nearly twice the weight, It strikes the perfect balance between Shuriken, and throwing Knife. The Added weight makes it Easier to learn on, more stable in flight, easier to control, more predictable/Accurate, and it hits HARD.

The Dragonfly is Like Nothing Else.

The Square Stock combined The Fuller (Only Previously seen on Our Bo-Dashi) offers an unparalleled feeling of control. The Long Tapered Tail has been optimized to provide a smooth release from powerful throws using both modern, and traditional techniques.

The Balance of the Dragonfly provides an unparalleled level of Stability in Flight for its size and weight at distance out to 10m!! The Unique Geometry of The Triangular Head Attacks the target by Punching and Piercing it.

Here is Joel From Finland Testing it out the Original Dragonfly.

The Meganeura aka Giant Dragonfly is an advanced design, and But it doesn’t require as light of a touch as the Dragonfly . You will adapt to it quite Quickly, and be able to throw further with it than you could have ever expected.

It performs well in Wave Style Throws as well as Traditional Shuriken Slide. Ace has developed a Modern Hybrid throw that works exceptionally well these modern Shuriken Designs. Follow The Delta 2 Alpha Youtube Channel for Future Videos

Length: ~8.5″ /21cm
Thickness: ~5/8” / 15mm Square Stock
Weight:  ~7.2oz/~200g
Material: D2 Tool Steel
Finish: Light Texured Acid Wash
Balance: Front Heavy
Designed By: Ace Johnson (Delta 2 Alpha Design) in Collaboration with M. Bind (, and Danger (FullTangClan)

*Though this is an original, and Mordern design, Inspiration for it can be found in the Negishi Ryu*

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 5 cm

3 reviews for Meganeura – Giant Dragonfly

  1. jmklispie (verified owner)

    The Meganeura is a sublime experience to handle.

    No regrets, this is Amazing! I found 30ft throws nearly effortless with the giant dragonfly.

    It’s a brilliant design.

  2. sergiosolis.w (verified owner)

    This Meganuera is absolute dream. Its balance makes it a breeze to no spin, even for a novice like me. The size and weight of this no joke , 200g hits hard. I had asked for a recommendation and it did not disappoint!

  3. Mr. Finch

    These Bo-Shurikens are the best by far in my collection. They are the definition of old meets new with their design.

    The fuller on the spine combined with the tapered tail equals accurate and hard hitting agony to anything silly enough to come between you and the target. Unless of course the silly one is the target.

    Highly recommend theses flying hunks of finely crafted steel. Thank You Danger for leading me here. Stay bada$$.

    I will definitely be buying more product from D2A. Peace.

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