8.5″ of DANGER!

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8.5″ of Danger is a scaled down version of the Iconic “Danger Dashi”; originally designed by Danger of the FullTangClan. This is our Answer to the endless debate:

“Is Knife Throwing Practical for Self-Defense?” / “Is Knife Throwign a viable Martial Arts?”

The Problem
Throwers that were small enough to carry were typically flimsy pieces of pot metal garbage inflicted on the west by the Titan East of Tajikistan; they were difficult to control, and were difficult stick into anything more substantial than last night’s Pizza Box at the best of times, let alone under duress.

Enter 8.5″ of Danger:
A Carry Sized Thrower That Hits Like a Truck,  Penetrates to the Back Tires, and Leaves Gaping Triangular Holes of Hate in it’s Target.

It has been Optimized for Throwing into Organic Medium Like Cotton Wood, Gourds, Turkeys (Jive or Otherwise), Etc.
☆Don’t Throw it into Bricks. Concrete, etc. or it will lead to your Sadness.☆

It Performs well in a Variety of Anti-NoSpin Methods: Western Push, Slavic or BIM Wave, Shuriken Slide, Thorn, etc.

In addition it is also quite Capable in Half Spin.

The 3/8″ (9.5mm) Stock offers a level of control never before seen in a Knife this size.

Overall: ~8.5″ / ~22cm
Thickness: 3/8″ / ~9.5mm
Weight: 8.1oz / ~230g
Material: 80CrV, 56HRC
Finish: Acidwash
Balance: Handle Heavy
Edge: ~1.25mm / 1/16″ Throwing Edge
Made in the USA

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Additional information

Weight .280 kg
Dimensions 22 × 3 × 2 cm

4 reviews for 8.5″ of DANGER!

  1. “Okie”

    “The 8.5in of Danger EDC defense thrower paired up with a keystoned sheaths magnum quick draw scout sheath.
    I ordered my knife last weekend from the @delta2alphadesignsite, never having held this knife I wasn’t sure at ¾” (9.5mm) how it was going to fly.
    With that being said I’ve had my knife 5 days now and just finished the first sheath for it.
    Never have I have such a scary accurate no spin knife that was up to snuff size and hitting impact wise.
    Well done guys this knife is EDC worry.
    Okie approved
    Okie carried”

  2. mitchs1964 (verified owner)

    I just got this knife it is amazing truly an edc throwing knife I tested it out on a coconut and couldn’t believe the penetration almost couldn’t remove knife.

    This knife is a game changer.

    Small enough to carry but heavy enough to do real damage and the tip is insane the penetration is unmatched with anything else I’ve thrown …

  3. David Pierre-Louis (verified owner)

    Fly like bullet
    Best knife i have
    My edc throwing knife

  4. David Pierre-Louis (verified owner)

    Fly like a bullet
    Best knife i have
    My edc throwing knife

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