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In the Fall of 2021, over a few “pops”, Ace and Danger were chatting, and a throwing it came up, “What is the Future of Knife Throwing? What parts of Knife throwing are interesting to watch even if you Don’t throw?” The Answer was, “Fast Draw, Trick Shots & Instinctive Action Course (ala IPSC/IDPA).

*The FAST Dashi purpose built for this, it is the first in a new class, of throwers, “Instinctive Race-Knife”:

*Easy to Index for No-Spin Throws
*Microtextured for Maximum Control
*Fast to the Target
*Very Easy to Stick

The FAST Dashi has a more Streamline Handle than the ‘Dashi Classics Making it easier to throw in No-Spin from a fighting grip (Indexing at the Sheath).

Texture is a Crucial Factor in Fast Draw, and especially Instinctive Fast Draw. Media Blasting was used to add texture to the flat of the FAST Dashi ensuring it slides throw the hand consistently. While a Rougher texture was used on the spine and edge of the knife to offer great control.

The Lighter weight allows you to clear your sheath, and complete your throw faster. Fast Draw is an arena where Victories are measured in Milliseconds.

An concerns about the lighter weight of the FAST Dashi are easily offset be the Incredibly Aggressive Point; In pernitrates with impunity.

The Aggressive points are a tradeoff between performance, and durability, and they must be treated with respect: Do Not Throw these at objects that aren’t proper targets (Softwood, or Foam only), nor should you expect them to last if you bounce them off of Rocks, Concrete, Asphalt, Tile, etc. Nor Should you Stack these knives.

Length: 26cm /10.25″
Weight: 160g / 5.7oz
Thickness: 5mm / 3/16″
Balance: Handle Heavy
Steel: 1084
Finish: Media Blasted Micro Texture
Designed by: Danger from the FullTangClan

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Weight .21 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 5 cm

1 review for FAST Dashi

  1. Keith Murray (verified owner)

    Light, fast, fun…Ace wasn’t kidding when he said, “…any concerns about the weight are easily offset by the Incredibly Aggressive Point; it penetrates with impunity”.
    The micro texture on the spine helps with control. Give this knife a try even if you’re not into fast draw!! Highly recommend it

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