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Why The Slick 24s are the Best Shorts Out There

The Slick 24’s were built from the ground up to be as tough as you need them to be, and do everything you need them to do.

Available in Just Black or Badlands Beige.

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Fugitive Fitness: A Quick Restoration After Being Stuck in a “Cattle Car” pt. 1:

If you are anything much more than Hobbit sized, the seats of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles will leave you feeling banged up, and hunched forward.

This is further amplified by the amount of time most people spend on their phones or at a desk.

Whether you are traveling for fun or for a “gig”, here are some quick exercises you can do almost anywhere to get feeling right again.

You can use the D2A resistance bands:


Resistance Bands Package


You will need one band.

*The exercises are shown with a 30# red band from Rogue Fitness.

Click for Rogue Monster Bands


Cycle through the following 1-3x:

Banded Squatting Horizontal. Row 15-30x
Banded Vert Row 15-30x
Gymnastics’ push up 6-12x
Banded underhand Pull a parts 15-30


Banded Squatting Horizontal Row 15-30x

From semi squatted position

As you pull make sure to rotate your hands as Shown.

Also be sure to squeeze each rep for a one count in the contracted position.


Banded Vertical Row 15-30x

Start with hands over head, with arms at full extension.

As you pull down, think about bringing your elbows to your ribs, and the band to touch your shoulder blades

Make sure to squeeze in the contracted position of each rep for at least one second


Gymnastics’ push up 6-12x

Hand placement is such that the thumbs are contacting the nipples.

The core is locked in an Isometric contraction through all reps, this includes the legs.

Pay close attention to the elbow, and how the  elbow pits are turned forward at the top position, and there is an isometric contraction for 1sec at the top of each Rep.


Banded underhand Pull a parts 15-30x/p>

With the band at eye level, and palms up; ensure that at shoulder width there is some tension on the band.

Pull the band so it comes down to your collarbone or upper chest.

As you reset the rep make sure you are maintaining some tension on the band.


Part 2, coming soon…