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Ranger Bands Ragnar Bands: What Are They and How Are They Used?

The Ragnar Bands are our take on “Ranger Bands”. Ranger Bands were originally made from Bicycle inner tubes cut to make rings.

Due to the stiffness of the rubber of the inner tube and the small size, the applications were somewhat limited, and they could be a bit difficult to use in some of the cases, but they worked “Good Enough”.

“Good Enough is the Enemy of The Best”

Upon special request from a RedTeam Member, we set out to design the best, most versatile and user friendly version of the Ranger Bands we could, and the Ragnar Bands were Born.

The Standard Specs of Ranger Bands are:

Length Folded: ~2” or 50mm
Width: ~1/2” or 12.5mm
Thickness: ~ .040” or 1mm
Material: Tire Inner Tube

*Please note there may be slight deviation from those specs*

The Specs for Ragnar Bands are:

Length Folded: ~4” or 10cm
Stretched Length: ~8” or 20cm @5lbs
Width: ~3/8” or 10mm
Thickness: ~ .060” or 1.5mm
Material: Resistance Band Grade Rubber

The Ragnar Bands were designed to look much like Regular Rubber Bands, but in Black, and they were sized to be able to be worn on the wrist, making them easily confused as cause bracelets.

The greater length makes them much easier to fit around larger objects, and they can be easily doubled up for securing smaller objects.

With the Ragnar Bands being 50% thicker, but only 20% narrower, there is 30% more cross-section than the commonly available Ranger Bands

The slightly thicker, higher grade rubber provides more Strength, Stretch, and Durability than the Original Design.

Ragnar Bands have a variety of uses:

*Hair Tie
*Strengthening the Extensors of the Hand
*Improving your Trigger Pull
*Mini Brujo Bands for Swollen Knuckles
*Taking the Rattle out of your kit
*Weapon Rention (Libre Style)
*HoodRatArts And Crafts: Launchers, Grips
*Keeping container lids closed
*Attachment of Gear to
*Etc. your Rig

Check Out the Video Demo Playlist:

Our Ragnar Bands aren’t an off the shelf Product. They were Purpose Built to our exacting specifications from the same High Grade materials as our Resistance Bands, and Brujo Bands.

Ragnar Bands are available exclusively through Delta 2 Alpha Design Inc, Get Yours Here