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Project Lazarus Phase 1 – The Rejuvenation and Regeneration of The Old Man

Project Lazarus:

This will be an ongoing series that documents the process of rejuvenation and regeneration of a man approaching his golden years, with some hard miles on his body.

The Goal:
Keep an the old man in his boots, cheating death, and surly as ever for another half century.

This will all be done with exercises found in the Fugitive Fitness Concept.

Feel Free to Post Comments and Questions below… and of course follow along to cheer him on.

Test Subject is Currently:
Sex: Male
Height: 5’4
Weight: 200lbs
DOB: 1950’s

The Complaints:
*Complains of Restless Sleeps
*Memory Fog
*Displays Mobility Issues (A shuffle)
*Has problems “getting going” sometimes

*Mobility issues; especially in the Upper back (ie. Hunched Forward)
*Balance Issues
*Loss of Mass in glutes
*Loss of strength in lower body

*Started with 1000mg capsule in the morning, and saw improvements with in the week.
*After 3wks, dose was increased two 1000mg capsule in the morning, and 1000mg around lunch so as to not affect sleep quality in a negative way
+Turmeric is well know in India for:
-Anti-inflammatory; reducing pain
-Improvements in memory and neurological function
-Promotes Testosterone Production

Initial Exercise prescription:
We always want to bring what someone can do, and work towards that they can’t in a gradual upward trend. In short:

The key to success is incrementally sucking-less”

Enter The Lazarus Squat:
With an aging population one of the things we notice is a loss of mass in the posterior chain; more specifically in the Glutes and Rhomboids. This muscular imbalance leads to joint pain, and hunching forward. This leads to a lack of mobility, and with it further muscle loss.

The Lazarus Squat is designed to promote activation in the Upper Leg, Glutes, and Upper Back.


In front of a box or chair, that they can get up out of with medium difficulty:

  1. Stand with feet about shoulder width a part. Eyes looking slightly upward, with the toes angled outward. Maintain Eye and Foot position, as much as possible, through the movement
  2. Extend Arms out in front for counter balance, position your body weight so that it is at the front part of the heel.
  3. Push the butt back, and slowly lower the butt until it comes in contact with the chair.
  4. Leading with the chest, drive up through the heels out of the bottom, bringing the hands/arms back as you come up.
  5. At the top position, the arms should be locked straight, fingers splayed, and the shoulder should be as far back as your upper back can pull them. At the same time actively squeeze the glutes and quads as hard as possible for 2-3 seconds.

Every time the subject sits down in a chair, and gets out of the chair, they need to perform the Lazarus Squat twice. We are using what has been referred to as “Greasing The Groove” (a la Pavel T.) to continually prime the nervous system; creating more activation. This has the effect of not exhausting the subject, while getting more total reps through the day.

“Frequency is more important than duration”

If you have any questions, comment below, and please feel free to share

*The Concepts discussed here can easily be applied to Men or Women, Young or Old, and we would be honored if we can help you or someone close to you. But because aren’t there to monitor the details of your situation, you should always consult a someone with letters after their name before doing any of this.*

**Remember, I am just some guy with muscles on the internet**