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TheMARK is a multi-purpose tool made from a very tough, light weight, and shatter resistant polymer plastic. It is nearly indestructible under most conditions of use.

The application of TheMARK as a self defence tool is very instinctive, regardless of your prior training.
It also works well for hanging gear, a backpack/rucksack, purses, or used to keep load bearing equipment off the ground while airing it out.

TheMARK is made from ¼” thick polymer and sits flat in the back pocket on a pair of pants, tucked into your vest, the inside of your waistband, or the pocket of a book bag, purse, etc.

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Dimensions 16 × 8 × 1 cm

3 reviews for TheMARK

  1. danielbrucki5 (verified owner)

    The MARK is a great light weight self defence tool.. It is easily concealed in the front pocket and ready to go when you need it. It fits in the hand very nicely and is comfortable when striking something hard. You don’t need any training with it to be effective.. Great gift for guys and girls.

  2. pcordnsuch

    I initially bought The MARK because I like to try out different hand-held self defense tools. I gave The MARK a positive review after carrying it for a while, but didn’t really carry it all that much.

    I got in touch with Delta2Alpha through a third party. I gave them my honest feedback and was listened to. They then gave me a few pointers on how to deploy and use TheMARK. After a bit of practice, I started carrying it over 50% of the time, as an alternative to my other hand-held tool.

    Fast forward a few months. I was happy with how The MARK adapts into my martial arts practice as a striking and trapping tool. I also used it as a hanger for my three day pack while on trips.

    In addition to a defense tool, it can be used as a pack/bag hanger or iPad stand. This is a very versatile tool that is non-threatening and easy to carry anywhere.

  3. dce1375 (verified owner)

    Easily my favorite tool. Light and durable, feels great in hand. Easily concealed in any number of places. I don’t leave the house without it. I feel that little bit safer knowing I have TheMark by my side.

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