TheMark Classic: High Strength Polymer

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TheMARK Classic Just got an Upgrade.

Based on the feedback from some of the “Hard User” of our gear, we have upgraded to using Polycarbonate (Clear), and Rough Textured Delrin (Black). This was done to maximize the Strength and Durability while still keeping the original design.

TheMARK is a multi-purpose tool made from a very tough, light weight, and shatter resistant polymer plastic. It is nearly indestructible under most conditions of use.

The application of TheMARK as a self defense tool is very instinctive, regardless of your prior training.

It also works well for hanging gear, a backpack/rucksack, purses, or used to keep load bearing equipment off the ground while airing it out.

TheMARK is made from ¼” thick polymer and sits flat in the back pocket on a pair of pants, tucked into your vest, the inside of your waistband, or the pocket of a book bag, purse, etc.


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Textured Black (Delrin), Predator Clear (Polycarbonate)

1 review for TheMark Classic: High Strength Polymer

  1. chris.heenan

    I have carried one of these in my travel bag for several years, in certain occasions I would slip it into my pocket when in NPEs. The main use I have had for this is when going to a public bathroom being able to hang my bag on a hook or doorframe to keep it off the ground.
    TSA never bats an eye at it.

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