Technora High Strength Cord


*Survival Cord
*Friction Saws (for plastics)
*Escape & Evasions Kits

*Excellent resistance to heat degradation
*Excellent tensile strength and fatigue resistance
*Superior resistance to chemicals
*Long-term dimensional stability (Less than 4% Stretch)
*Doesn’t Melt, or Drip


Technora 200 Specs:
Tensile Strength: ~200lbs
Diameter: 1/32” or .8mm
Colour: Black

Technora 300 Specs:

Tensile Strength: ~300lbs
Diameter: 1/16” or 1.6mm
Colour: Black

Technora 400 Specs:
Tensile Strength: ~400lbs
Diameter: 1/16” or 1.7mm x 3/64” or .047mm
Colour: Black

Technora 950 Specs:
Tensile Strength: ~950lbs
Diameter: 1/8” or 2.8mm x 3/64”  x 1/16” or 1.7mm
Colour: Black

Technora is sold by the Meter (3.3ft)

Earn up to 7 Points.

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Technora 200, Technora 300, Technora 400, Technora 950


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