Tantogata Large

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Tantogata Large:

A Cross between a Spets 3 Mizer, and an Americanized Tanto. It’s Aggressive point, paired with Heavy weight Ensures It has a Stable Flight, Hits Hards, and Penetrates well.

It is suited as for those looking to up there game with a little bit more power, and for those looking to start pushing the distance of their throws

The Large Belly and heavy weights, makes it a great choice for Half spin Variations, as well as Rotational. The Heavier weight and Aggressive Point gives it a consistent and predictable path and behavior for for No-Spin; but May be a bit much due to the Weight for a less seasoned thrower, or those with Slighter Frame.

The Knife is Center Balanced, and works well for Half, and No-Spin Variations; both Western Push Style, and the Wave Styles (SKANf, IVA, BIM, etc.), as well as for Rotational Throwing

Length: 28.5cm / 11”
Thickness: 6mm/ ~1/4″
Weight: 345g / 12.1oz

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Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 36 × 11 × 11 cm

1 review for Tantogata Large

  1. lysandyre (verified owner)

    The new Tantogata is much more beefy than the last, in all the right places. Love it.

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