Stinger 135mm


The Stinger is some Straight up Negishi Ryu Gata Sexiness, and No Serious Shuriken Player’s Collection is complete without one of these.

We are pleased to be one of the only sources to have them available to westerns. It feels like you are holding a piece of Shurikenjutsu history in you hand; it is difficult to decide whether to put it in a safe, one display or into a target.

Eight Sided Bo-Shuriken are very difficult, and tedious to make, and there are very few smiths outside of Japan that are able or willing to make them. If you can find one of the few smiths in Japan that can make them, often they are unwilling to ship them outside of Japan (for a Variety of Reasons). Because of this they are very rare.

Length: ~5.375 /13.5cm
Thickness: ~1/2” / 12mm Octagonal Stock
Weight:  ~2.4oz/~65g
Material: D2 Tool Steel
Finish: Light Textured Acid Wash
Balance: Front Heavy
Designed By: Traditional Negishi Ryu Design

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Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 5 cm


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