Bigger Better Breaker Bead


*5g Tungsten Carbide Bead (Impact Grade)
*12″(30cm) of  1/8″(3mm) Milspec Shockcord

Tungsten Carbide is 29% heavier than Lead, and Almost as hard as Diamonds; if Diamond was a 10, Tungsten Carbide would be a 9.

The Bigger Better Breaker Bead is Accelerated by a Piece of 1/8″ Milspec Shockcord;  in our Testing we have been able to break glass up to 1/2″/12mm (See Video) as well as Bottles Filled full of water.

*Please Note that Breaking Glass Presents Unique Hazards including but not limited to very sharp piece that may cut you, and potential for Eye Injuries. Proper Protective Equipment should Always be worn to reduce the potential for injury*

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We originally presented/Gave this design to Ed Calderon (Ed’s Manifesto), Jin Roh, as well as to SnakeDr aka OscarDelta/4Tac5 (offered to him via Tumblr) in late 2014. About a year or so later SnakeDr/OscarDelta Brought the GTFO Bracelet and it took off.

The GTFO Bracelet pair with the AHK is available Here.

The Bigger Better Breaker Bead works on the Same principles (High Density, High Hardness, Accelerated via Shockcord) as the GTFO. Our Bigger Better Breaker Bead differs from the GTFO in that is uses Shockcord with >300% Cross-Section to Accelerate 500% more weight into the desired object.

The Bigger Better Breaker Bead will break things the GTFO can’t
The GTFO Bracelet is a sleeker more compact design.

Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 2 cm


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