Spets 5 BRUTE


Spets 5 BRUTE

This is Russian Interpretation of the Bowie Knife with a lot of Flare, and draws some influence from the Early SKANF knives Designs (via Coach Misha)

Some Russian Heft, with a wedge style blade shape, and aggressive point; it is a very forgiving Half Spin and Rotational Thrower, and good all Around. The Versatility offered by this eclectic looking piece is Surprising.

If you are into that Weird Russian Stuff, this ones for you.

The Knife is Center Balanced, and works Exceptionally well for Half Spin Variations, and the Straight Spine makes it well suited for No Spin

29cm / 11.3”
260g / 12.oz

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Weight .380 kg
Dimensions 31 × 6 × 3 cm


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