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UniFight Pro

Like the Patriot: There is a whole lot of ‘Merica with this one. The heaviest they have, with a belly that is roughly 2/3’s of the Length of the Blade

A classic Frontier Knife Profile, paired with a lot of Russian Heft, and with an Arrow Straight Spin. If Your into Gravy and Grit, but none of that Weird Stuff, this ones for you.

It differs from the Patriot in the Shape of the handle Shape; and is better suited for Reverse Grip No Spin throws.

The Heavier weight and Aggressive Point gives it a consistent and predictable path and behavior for No-Spin; but May be a bit much due to the Weight for a less seasoned thrower, or those with Slighter Frame.

The Knife is Center Balanced, and works well for Half, and No-Spin Variations; both Western Push Style, and the Wave Styles (SKANf, IVA, BIM, etc.), as well as for Rotational Throwing.

27cm / 10.6”


357g / 12.6oz

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Weight .460 kg
Dimensions 31 × 6 × 3 cm

1 review for UniFight Pro

  1. lysandyre (verified owner)

    Very big and beefy knife, can’t go wrong with this classic piece.

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