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The Missile is Heavily inspired Traditional Negishi Ryu Designs, but it has a modern twist.

Many of the Traditional Bo-Shuriken designs from Negishi Ryu use Lacquered Cord or Tassels as a way to to create drag, and stabilize the flight path in a similar way to how the fletching of an Arrow Works.

By Contrast the Missile, and its brother the Rocket are “Vortex Stabilized“; to our Knowledge this is the first time this has been utilized in Shuriken Design.  This may sound like hype, but if you listen carefully you can hear it working as whistles through the air.

☆☆☆LED Marker are available HERE☆☆☆

Length: ~6.75″ /17cm
Max Thickness: ~½” / 13mm Round Stock
Weight:  ~2.8oz/~80g
Material: D2 Tool Steel
Finish: Light Textured Acid Wash
Balance: Front Heavy
Designed By: Traditional Negishi Ryu Design; with Modifications Made by Ace.

*Similar Design features can also be found in the Aiki Traditions of Shuriken work*

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Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 5 cm

2 reviews for Missile

  1. @a.few.good.knives (verified owner)

    The Missile and the Rocket are my favorite Bo Shuriken to throw indoors.
    I love them both fiercely, and equally, I cannot simply choose a favorite.

    I’m eager to build a set of both, these are fantastic throwers, especially so on the indoor range.

    GET SOME!!
    And pair them with the LED’s when your ready 😉

  2. lysandyre (verified owner)

    If it looks like a missile, sounds like a missile, and flies like a missile- I had to get one. The light up butts are also a great plus!

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