Fang 8mm


The Fang  was designed as a BUK with the The IVA Throwing method in Mind, it is an incredibly easy knife to throw in any style of No-Spin or Half-Spin.

BUK ‘s aka Back UKnives are Compact and Sub-Combat Throwers that are coming out of the Emerging FAST Draw Class. They are thrower that are Small enough to be Carried as an EDC, but can still deliver sufficient force to the do get the job done.

***Delta 2 Alpha Design Inc. and Danger from the FullTangClan have been at the forefront Bringing FAST Draw and BUK’s into vogue

Length: 22cm / >8.5″
Weight: 225g / 8oz
Thickness: 8mm / 5/16″
Balance: Handle heavy
Steel: 440C
Finish: Light Textured Mill-Scale
Designed by: The Nomad was Designed By Uncle Stan of IVA Fame; Adjusted by Ace to with feedback from Lobo to tune it for the BUK Knife Class.

Should I Get 8mm, 9mm or 10mm thick?
is great for people with a bit smaller frames, or that really want to push the speed of their throw, and may favour Trickshot players as the 8mm has a Faster Time to Target 
9mm is in the Goldilocks’ Zone. If you aren’t sure, which size is for you, get the 9mm
10mm is for those that want to get a bit more resistance to train power for their throw in the lighter ones, for those with a bigger frame, or those that just here for the Violence; You People Know Who You Are.

There is also an Argument for getting one of each size, so you can feel the different weights, and work on different attributes while keeping your grip (Handle Shape) and Balance Constant.

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Weight .310 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 5 cm


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